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Dec 17, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments is brought to you by the letter W. This wonderful letter gives us Who, Wolverine and Walking Dead pics, a respectfully annoyed (Joss) Whedon and a Wonder Woman series. Co-sponsoring this week's installment are Charlie Sheen's dead dreams, live-action Heavy Metal, Robocop's Keaton and ... oh yeah, apparently we blew the hell out of space with a nuke in the '60s. Click through for all the BOOM-related stories!

Our story: Whedon respectfully annoyed by some negative Avengers reviews

Your best comment: What I see from comments here are a bunch of folks expressing their thoughts on the movie. That's fair enough. What Whedon is complaining about are reviews that heap scorn upon the movie simply because it's a superhero movie. That is not fair. A review should be about a film's merits (or lack of them), not the reviewer's inability to get past the fact that it's part of a genre they don't care for. I fully expect a number of negative reviews of the forthcoming Hobbit movies will be based entirely on the fact the reviewers don't like fantasy. It was certainly the case with LotR. — Orcmeister

Our story: Get into some epic dinosaur action with 36 new Doctor Who pics

Your best comment: If The Doctor says "I have had it with these mother f@ing Dinosaurs on this mother f@ing Spaceship!" i shall fall off my seat! — Sam Jack Son

Our story: 1st glimpse of Jackman's THE WOLVERINE on set in Japan!

Your best comment: I have no prob with the differences between Printed Wolverine and Film Wolverine.

I think that the real flaw in the film was that fans wanted more focus on Wolverine than they did extraneous mutant characters.

Other than that, it made for a good action film, altho I did not care for the fast-n-loose treatment of physics in the scene where Wolverine rides a motorcycle past a much larger, more massive vehicle and slashes it with his claws.

I`ve ridden cycles for years. I don`t care how sharp the claws are, the drag factor would have put him down.

Fun scene, but flakey physics. — EDGE

Our story: Check out neck-snapping teaser for live-action Heavy Metal TV show

Your best comment: If you take all the parts of her costume that are black leather and make them skin and all the parts that are skin and make them black leather, then it will look more like Heavy Metal. — w0lfm4n

Our story: Check out Michonne + the Governor in 6 new Walking Dead S3 pics

Your best comment: 16 Episodes: YES! Mid-Season Break: NO! — Kraven

Our story: What superhero did Charlie Sheen try to bring to the big screen?

Your best comment: Lot of NOT READING going on here. "Wanted," and "at the time," denotes PAST-tense as in not NOW. In his youth, he had the sensitivity/range to do a decent Parker. BTW, Stan Lee was very sellective on who pencilled/inked Spiderman because the character was NEVER supposed to be "buff." — SithPriest

Our story: Get ready for The CW's Smallville-inspired Wonder Woman TV series

Your best comment: Hands down...GINA CERANO! She got her acting feet wet just enough in Haywire, she's obviously athletic, tall enough, totally looks like Diana, and we all know she kicks some serious arse! — TheBoogieKnight

Our story: Guess which Lost star is playing the Joker!

Your best comment: Chad's right. The complaint here isn't about spoiling the comic; it's about spoiling the animated adaptation. Plenty of general Batman fans haven't read the hundreds of comics or perhaps only follow the film and television versions.

That image likely spoils a major part of the upcoming animated film, and while the information is out there to find, there's no call for posting it in an article about the animated film.

The same would go for spoiling any adaptation.

I myself am a fan of many comic book characters on television and film and haven't read a comic since I was a kid. I didn't know that particular event was part of this particular Batman story, and I for one didn't expect such a reveal in an article about the animated film. — Han

Our story: Steven Moffat teases how new Who companion will change the Doctor

Your best comment: While I agree that the Doctor does change with the departure and arrival of each companion, and each companion does bring something new to the DW experience, I have one name for people to remember: Martha Jones. While numerous hints have told us that the character of Clara most likely won't be seeking to form a romantic attachment to the Doctor, how is her arrival any different from Martha's, concept wise I mean, in relation to the Eleventh incarnation's original companions, Amy and Rory, leaving? You know, in the abstract 10 was sad when he lost Rose, then came Martha and Donna, versus 11 about to lose Amy and Rory, only to find Clara?? The hype seems the same, in my opinion. *shrug* — Leah

Our story: Former Dark Knight goes from hero to villain for RoboCop

Your best comment: Don't go chasing water falls. lmao! — Jordan

Our story: This geektastic 6-player starship bridge simulator is pure awesome

Your best comment: I see this as a plot device for a future "The Big Bang Theory" episode. Sheldon throwing a temper tantrum so he can play the captain, Penny being talked into playing the communications officer. I can even picture Will Wheaton guest starring. Can't wait to see if it actually happens. — Capt. Paul

Our story: Sign of the times? True Blood S6 will be shorter than usual

Your best comment: Do you think it's possible that there is a growing dislike of how crazy the storylines have become? I've been a big fan of the books and season after season, I've been becoming less of a fan of how different of a path the show has gone. — Shawn

Our story: Declassified footage shows 1st ever nuclear explosion ... in space!

Your best comment: 51:30, Nuke blast smiles at us.....creepy. — Gaval