Why Boba Fett's background should remain a mystery—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (And the debate over the which hot actress should be cast as Red Sonja definitely got heated.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: 9 crazy sci-fi movie monsters that are nothing but mouth

Your best comment: You left out my WIFE!!!! I swear to God, she NEVER shuts up!!!!—Bluesman

Our story: Chris Evans doesn't know jack about Captain America

Your best comment: You know what? Having someone being honest about not being into the comic book and knowing that they're approaching it from the standpoint of making the character great rather than just making it like the comic is actually one of the best things I can imagine. We have had too many "We're gonna respect the franchise!" crap-lines spewn and it's time people grow up and realize that everything they love is gonna change. It's the way the world works. So why not let the changed version be something great instead of just a knock-off of the original?— Matt

Our story: Stargate Universe guest stars: 'T-Bag' and an angel

Your best comment: I hear Henry Winkler is going to guest star so that Fonzie can do a water-ski jump over a shark tank in the season finale...—shayd

Our story: Red Sonja rumor: Rose McGowan out, Megan Fox in?

Your best comment: (Sigh) Gah, I don't get why they *have* to go with an established actress for the Red Sonja role. Okay, in point of fact I do. They need a bankable name and someone who can make the young guys feel funny in thier trousers. But, come on!

You're telling me they can't find some un-named Actress who can not only acutally Act but fits the physical description of the Character from the Books?

I've lived in SoCal for a *long* time. So, just in Hollywood alone I know such female actresses exsist. I think for this to work, I mean *really* work, they need to approch this from a fresh perspective and go with new faces where applicable.

The Story's Villain can be a well known Actor or Actress, but for the title role cast someone who can do the gig well but who hasn't been seen before, as such we can really believe that we're looking at Sonja and not just some Hottie that can't act to save her life.

By the by, I don't mean to hate on McGowen and Fox. I like 'em just fine as people. I'd just like Sonja to be unique and not cliche casting.— SciFiaddict27

Our story: J.K. Rowling promises new Potter "10 years from now"

Your best comment: What will it be called?
Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis?!?!?!?!

Our story: Geek superstar Wil Wheaton moves to Syfy's Eureka

Your best comment: Got to love how the first thing the Wheaton haters point out is something akin to: "He sucked on Star Trek, Blagh, blagh, sad rant." *Shakes head*

The fact is, Will has done more to promote and shed light on the 'Geek Culture' and what it's really all about then other more well known Pop Culture icons.

One need only read his blogs, his books, or see his recent PAX-East appearence to understand that he is someone who hightlights just how Fun it is to be a Geek in this day and age, and how said culture is helping shape the future of Games and other media.

Anyone who has spent just a few moments with Will knows instantly that he is an awesome person; simple as that. Hilarious, honest, and humble, with a finger on the Pulse of the Nerd Nation. His presence on Eureka can only make an Epic show even better.—SciFiaddict27

Our story: Crazy Battleship movie will star John Carter of Mars

Your best comment: I can't wait for a movie based on my other favorite board game: Life. It will be about this guy who drives a car around, gets married, has a couple kids, his dog has puppies and he makes a moderate amount of money.

Compelling stuff!—asocalguy

Our story: Returning heroes, big surprises as Smallville season 9 ends

Your best comment: For those folks who want to know why certain heroes; for example, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc. haven't shown up on Smallville, it's because the producers have to get DC/Warner's permission to do so and it has been stated repeatedly that WB is not going to green light TV versions of characters they're trying to do big screen versions of. Warner's has already said no to Batman (since he is, collectively the biggest superhero franchise ever!) and since film versions of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern either were or are currently in production, we won't be seeing them either. That's why we had Bart Allen as Impulse instead of Barry Allen as the Flash. There was a David Goyer Flash movie in the pipe back then (not any more, unfortunately, but still). In fact, I'm surprised we got Amanda Waller on Smallville since they just announced casting Angela Bassett as Waller for the GL movie.—radiodaze

Our story: Collider creates 5 MILLION mini-Big Bangs! World not ending

Your best comment: What the hell just happened? I think I blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. I saw myself doing the same boring crap I did today, but the calendar said Apr-8. Amazing.—DinghusKhan

Our story: Everything you need to know about every sci-fi TV show this week

Your best comment: A) Castle is a great show.
B) It now can qualify as a SciFi show because Mal appeared on the show. (Awesome)
C) They reference scifi/comic books/fantasy/Horror every week. (Castle 'I feel like Princess Leia right after the Millennium Falcon escapes the Death Star', this is to easy'
D) The show is so well written who cares if its sci-fi or not.

Our story: Star Wars: Clone Wars to reveal Boba Fett's mysteries

Your best comment: "Hey kid, you like ice cream?? Well, here's some rock salt! That's where ice cream comes from!"—Patton Oswalt's Clone

Our story: Robert Pattinson's the most influential person in sci-fi? Really?

Your best comment: a REAL list of most influential people in sci-fi would include people such as :

Arthur C Clarke (highly influenced sci-fi god)
William Gibson (master of cyberpunk)
Olaf Stapledon (master of hard sci-fi)
HP Lovecraft (invented the cosmic-horror genre)
Isaac Asimov (do I need to keep giving reasons ?)
HG Wells (father of the whole genre)
John Wyndham
Greg Bear
George Orwell
Joe Haldeman—Nyarlathotep

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