New! (Again!) Avengers, Superman Returns, Star Wars & more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments prove the old saying "Everything old is new again." Proof in the pudding: "inappropriate" costumes at Comic-Con, "new" Star Wars and Superman Returns scenes, Dushku planks and DC & Marvel are everywhere. Click through for the newest on the oldest!

Our story: Marvel premieres 4 stunning Avengers posters in San Diego

Your best comment: Heroes leaning towards you like they are upto something heroic. Jack kirby's style. — manish

Our story: DC reboot protesters march to, tape signs on DC Comic-Con booth

Your best comment: I find it just a touch ironic that the parade of 'Harley Quinn`s' became the focal point guard in this protest....

A protest about DC making changes to long-established comic book mythos.

was created for the Batman Animated tv series in 1992.

This is your Poster Girl for Classic Continuity ? — NEMO

Our story: See the costume Adrianne Curry says got her banned from Comic-Con

Your best comment: If it is legal to wear a butt floss bikini in public, not at the beach, as long as her costume met those same legal requirements, then the cops were playing fashion police. I personally do not know if there is some law that defines beach legal differently from street legal but that is probably the cop's defense. That or 'it was for the children 'man'. — Gallowglass

Our story: Logan's Run + Justin Timberlake + Gattaca = tense In Time trailer

Your best comment: If the film turns out to be rubbish do you think they'll refund my 90 minutes? — disparateSoul

Our story: The downside of being Captain America (and 8 other superheroes)

Your best comment: After reading alot of these comments and everyone blasting holes in the article, I'd almost bet money the writer is smacking his head and thinking "Why did I even bother" LOL — Darrell

Our story: 12 superhero supporting characters who could make awesome movies

Your best comment: Once the Nolan Batman movies are done, they could do worse than to tell the Batman story from Alfred's point of view. Tell his story, how he met and started working for Wayne Sr. Tell what he did to raise Bruce after his parents died. It could be a creative and intersting way to tell the story again. I'd sure hate to see someone else just start same old Batman again from the same old origin story, again. — Andrew VH

Our story: Check out never-before-seen Superman Returns $10 million opening

Your best comment: I had to watch it twice before it set in. $10 million for this shot, and he didn't put it in? This is 10 times better than opening it with Luthor and that kinda pathetic scene with his old dying wife/meal ticket. Thing is Bryan Singer, good film maker he is, thinks too much. He overthought the opening, his costume, Kate Bosworth etc. And Warners should have put this in the DVD instead of waiting for the Blu-Ray. You can't waste shots like this. It lessens the impact of the movie. I hope this will be a lession to Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. SHOW, DON'T TELL — cv

Our story: OMG! Check out these never-before-seen Star Wars deleted scenes!

Your best comment: I'm waiting for the super-mega-ultimate-deluxe edition that comes in a life-size R2-D2 capable of projecting the movies onto a wall. And it holds a case of beer. — marcintosh

Our story: Deleted Lost scene finally reveals true name of the Man in Black

Your best comment: I know that many found the Lost finale to be unsatisfying at best. I for one felt that way for a little while and then decided to enjoy the resolutions and emotional climaxes within the episode. Did the finale give the answers we were all looking for? No. But what other show ever made you search for and ponder over questions in the involving ways that Lost did. Each episode kept my friends and I talking and arguing until the next episode. In that level of involvement lies the true greatness of Lost. That the show created mysteries you cared about and dozens of unforgettable character does in fact outweigh any disappointment over not getting everything answered in the finale. I say that the six years of watching Lost were not only well spent, I fear I'll never have another show that I'll care enough about to be "disappointed" by its finale the way some are when it comes to Lost. — DANIEL

Our story: Didn't like the look of the last Hulk? Then you'll like Avengers

Your best comment: Humanized Hulk. Smart move to strengthen the Avengers' group dynamic. They can do what they like with him. But for the record, I'll walk out of the theater at the first sign of any Hulk-Dogs. — rewod

Our story: Image of the Day: Eliza Dushku planking (yes, planking) in Uganda

Your best comment: I thought planking was over and everyone was into 'owling' now? — tati

Our story: Aliens blow us away in surprisingly good 1st Battleship trailer

Your best comment: Did anyone else notice in the trailers that the aliens shot cartridges into the side of a ship that looked l suspiciously like the red and white pellets from the game. I mean, the pellets just hooked into the ship, not blowing it up or anything. I laughed out loud at that moment. I have a bad feeling about this movie, especially since they had to start the trailer with a sex scene. Ugh. — Christopher