Starbuck is a ninja! (But then, you knew that already, didn't you?)

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Last week we went to San Diego Comic-Con. This week we recovered from San Diego Comic-Con. Next week, we'll book our tickets for next year's San Diego Comic-Con. But meanwhile, here's a week's worth of hot stories (some from sunny Southern California, some not) and best comments (Starbuck was a ninja!).


Our story: Just how much space crap is circling the Earth? THIS much!

Your best comment: Surprisingly, some of the things that are tracked already are of sufficient enough size as to ruin someones day if traveling in their path.

There is a dropped (well, released) wrench from a space walk long ago, and even one of the first Soviet capsules that most likely contains a well preserved corpse of a dog (yuch!).

There are occassional reentries and burnouts of these objects, and the smaller ones (theoretically caused by intercollision of objects) are probably seen as nice pretty lights during off cycles of the meteor showers, and lead to great UFO sightings.

There was once a project started to design stage on a trash 'collector' satellite of sorts, but no one could design the 'mitt' capable of catching such fastballs that was not prohibitively heavy. — divephotog

Our story: Battlestar creator Ron Moore comes clean about Starbuck's fate

Your best comment: It's pretty obvious. Starbuck is a ninja. That's how she disappeared. — Wondering Cleric

Our story: New full-length Tron: Legacy trailer will blow your mind

Your best comment: If you are going to make a machine that uses a suction like action to draw you into a computer, don't leave it pointing at where you sit to work. — Lotto

Our story: See our LIVE, constantly updated mega-gallery of Comic Con photos

Your best comment: I agree with the others, the pics in this web app are useless. what happened to a proper gallery that you can scroll through on your own with larger images. — alp

Our story: The first Green Lantern footage: What we saw and what you thought of it

Your best comment: I love how all the con articles for movies, always include a mention of "the crowd goes wild"...I don't ever recall a film being shown where the the crowd "didn't" go wild. ( maybe 1 time in a million movies shown? )

I don't think it represents what "we" the fans, think of the movie. — Daessar

Our story: Image of the Day: Why time travel won't really work

Your best comment: They tried to address this in the short-lived TV series 7 Days. The pilot of the time traveling sphere had to "ride the needles" (constantly adjusting the spheres position in space) to stay aligned with the Earth as it moved. The opening scene of the first episode showed an early attempt that went bad due to the rough ride, with the sphere in orbit instead of on the ground, and the pilot floating outside in space. — Carpe

Our story: Three behind-the-scenes pics of Doctor Who's new costume

Your best comment: And wait ... I also see a couple strands of his hair out of place! I think he's wearing his hair slightly different as well! Call the fashion police! — Cris

Our story: Felicia Day + werewolves = awesome 1st trailer for Syfy's Red

Your best comment: Ten positives about "Red"
1 Felicia Day
2 Tickets arent $11
3 Not in 3D
4 Not a reboot
5 Better name than Sharktopus or Mansquito
6 Red is a nice color
7 No wolves were injured in production of film
8 Money saved on special effects could be used to get T:SCC or Legend of the Seeker
9 There will be no endless water cooler debate about the ending
10 I dont have cable
— kernel thai

Our story: First look at alien Abin Sur, who gives Green Lantern his ring

Your best comment: I think the Green Lantern costume is awesome. What you need to realize is that if his suit comes from his ring it should have the ribbing amd all the bright green lighting in it. Not just a a green and black flat suit made from fabric. Therefor I think it looks great. And Abin Sur looks just as awesome. What we need to worry about is the story. I hope its as good as Green Lantern: First Flight. — Tim

Our story: 6 new posters of those stunning Sucker Punch girls released

Your best comment: I don't know much about this film yet but, after seeing those posters, I WANT to know ALOT more now! They've certainly grabbed my attention! — shakeyspear

Our story: Your 14-minute end-to-end tour of the MASSIVE Comic-Con floor

Your best comment: I too would be interested in watching the comic con from home if it was ever available. My big question is this, our camera operator thru this wonderful 14 minutes was dressed as what? I only ask since either the camera operator is some sort of super tall being or most the folks present were little people or oompa loompas. Plus no one seemed to pay the C.O. any attention with alot of folks crossing within inches in front. Anyway thanks for the video, it was enjoyable and had its funny moments. — BrockSamson

Our story: Don't be fooled by that fake Captain America Comic-Con trailer

Your best comment: It's a bit bemusing that Mr. Edelman writes as if this is the first "fan generated trailer" or "spoof" he's encountered on YouTube. These trailers are fairly commonplace, the novelty of this one being the pretense that it's actually pirated footage from ComicCon.

What's the point? There's the obvious satisfaction many have in pulling one over the millions of fans out there who did not make it to ComicCon this year, even for a few minutes (or seconds for those of us familiar with any of his source material). Then there are those who are sincerely devoted to the property and are simply sharing their passion for a given creative property through available editing means. Somewhere within this matrix of fandom, attention-whoredom, and "gotcha" audience contempt, you'll find all faux trailers.

I for one am interested in the day when rendering/animation and distribution technology will reach the point where someone with knowledge of casting and plot will be able to produce faux trailers and scenes from upcoming films that will be convincing to almost all who see them besides those who've seen the actual dailies from the film. — Pointer Obvious

Our story: New pic of Thor with hammer reveals the origin of a superhero. (Maybe.)

Your best comment: That dude is ripped. Lol. Wow. I'm in awe right now. This picture is awesome though. Feels like Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. Can't wait to see the finished film. — Mikaylah