NSFW bodypaint, Firefly's best episode, sandworms and more

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Here's a breakdown of the numbers that shape your week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments: 20 fall TV shows, 17 NSFW body-painted superheroes, 13 princesses, 12 concept images from a new Dune and 10 of the best SF TV episodes of all time. Do the math and you'll find it equals Awesome.

Our story: 17 amazing bodypaint superhero costumes (definitely NSFW)

Your best comment: When it comes to body-paint on superheroes, I would say it gives a new meaning to "The Flash"!!!! — Goldilocks

Our story: 10 of the best science fiction TV episodes that ever aired

Your best comment: The first thing I said when I saw this was, "Firefly better be on there." And they picked the perfect episode. Thanks for being awesome, Blastr. Oh, and Fox, I still haven't forgiven you for cancelling Firefly. Suck it. — Gillian

Our story: 12 concept images from the new Dune movie you'll never see

Your best comment: Bad Sandworm! Stop jumping out of the sand! And put your segments back on! This isn't some kind of Arrakeen stripshow!! — Shawn

Our story: Guy who wrote 'Jump the Shark' episode finally speaks out

Your best comment: What I recall about the episode was lees what it meant about the show and more about what it meant about Fonzie. In most contexts, he looked cool in his leather jacket. His absolutely Having to have his jacket while water skiing made him look like an insecure child; like Linus and his security blanket. It upset the cannon to me. — dts

Our story: Watch Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk punk the Firefly cast

Your best comment: Check out how pink Jewel's skin becomes during the incident. Very cute. — nohater

Our story: True Blood spoilers for the Season 3 finale AND for Season 4

Your best comment: I am glad that the show deviates from the books. I've already read the books. The show is simply a fresh, alternate take on the books. I'll never understand why people want to see the exact same thing on the screen that they've read in the books. It's a whole new creative experience, the translation from novel to screen, and I choose to embrace it as opposed to whine about it. — MIchele

Our story: Your complete guide to 20 new and returning fall sci-fi TV shows

Your best comment: The Walking Dead is whats on my radar. AMC has been churning out some good tv series lately and I think they may have hit pay dirt with Frank Darabont directing this new zombie apocalypse. — wilcoy

Our story: 13 take-charge, kick-ass sci-fi princesses who aren't named Leia

Your best comment: Glad Spaceballs got a mention. Vespa was so brave when Dark Helmet threatened to undo her nose-job. Or when she shouted the line, "It's my industrial strength hair dryer. And I can't live without it!" — Alverant

Our story: First (real) look at Captain America's new movie costume

Your best comment: Whoa, when I saw this yesterday, I thought it was one of those "Batman robs Taco Bell" postings, and didn't bother to check it out, but now that I see this is supposed to be serious, I'm laughing my a** off here. :P — Locutus

Our story: First look at January Jones as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class

Your best comment: Wearing white after Labor day tisk, tisk. Love the Ushanka. — RT

Our story: Aaron Douglas: The Battlestar producers lied to me

Your best comment: "I thought it was going to be new people revealed, I didn't think that it was going to be cast revealed to be."

C'mon, really? Glad scripting is in the hands of writers, not actors, because if brand new characters had been introduced as the Final Five, it would have undercut the entirety of the previous seasons. — Boxy

Our story: Is this Sigourney Weaver's replacement in the Alien prequels?

Your best comment: No dig at Sigourney weaver but it was Ridley Scott that made "Alien" what it was. The character Ripley was supposed to be a man, Ridley supposedly liked Ms. Weaver's audition so much, he decided to cast her as female lead. I trust Mr. Scott to craft a compelling story that will justify the aforementioned $10.

As far as Prequels/reboots/re-imaginings are concerned, hollywood seems to like these do-overs, we had some bad ones (Star wars) and some good ones (Batman Begins & The Dark knight) I think Ridley Scott's film will be among the latter and not the former. — Viscera