What you thought of Comic-Con's awesome costumes—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week (those awesome, sexy and weird Comic-Con costumes particularly caught readers' eyes), in case you missed anything.


Our story: 106 awesome, sexy and weird costumes from Comic-Con 2010

Your best comment: Last year at Dragoncon some guy created a costume out of a black crazy 88 type mask, a red plastic drinking cup held in place with a rubber band and a pair of flip flops. Yep, that was the entire costume. — kernel thai

Our story: 24 amazing (and weird) lightsaber products

Your best comment: The chopstick, bookends and laserpointer are pretty cool, as are the replicas. The rest are a bit pointless and some of em look more like uhm woman pleasure devices. — xdeathknightx

Our story: Every lightsaber ignition from every Star Wars movie in 2 1/2 minutes

Your best comment: Notice how sparingly the light-saber is used in the first 3 movies, and how often it's crammed into the new ones. — redletter

Our story: First official Thor trailer from Comic-Con finally revealed!

Your best comment: It looks great. I only hope they haven't shown us most of the movie in the trailer.

Moviemakers have to learn to put only first act stuff in the movies. We are going to the movies knowing most of the plot from the trailers this days.

The best example was Alien Vs Predator 2, which showed all the deaths in the trailer and left no surprise or mistery for moviewatchers at all. — Cheve

Our story: Lost's Man in Black FINALLY gets a name. And that name is--

Your best comment: Actually, he had no name, much like the Clint Eastwood character. Because it was never revealed on screen, Samuel can only be considered a place holder. Had they actually chosen to reveal the name, they might have decided to use Samuel, or they might have chosen to use something else, we'll never know. — zosolias

Our story: Image of the Day: Firefly crew redone as the Star Trek crew

Your best comment: As much as I enjoyed Chris Pine as Kirk -- Nathan just looks great here, doesn't he? (And as much as I loved Ryan Reynolds "oath" in the Comic-Con clips, Nathan IS Green Lantern, don't ya think?) — Martin

Our story: The 12 most awesome, most bizarre Comic-Con moments

Your best comment: That unfortunate pen incident isn't why geeks have a bad name. Geeks have a bad name for the small, but loud minority that are completely socially inept and have horrid B.O. If anything, I think people are surprised because it's a bit out of character for most geeks Right now the whole geek lifestyle thing is becoming very mainstream, as is evidenced by the massive media event that Comic-Con has become.

And that Ryan Reynolds clip is awesome. :) — Maureen

Our story: Image of the Day: Megan Fox disses Bay, wears a Voltron T-shirt

Your best comment: Voltron is not a dis to Transformers... If she was wearing a Gobots t-shirt then I could agree with you. But Transformers and Voltron can live in harmony. — Spot

Our story: Syfy announces 7 new scripted series: Zombies, aliens & more!

Your best comment: I don't know. Unless everything described here plays out a lot better than the premise describes I foresee a lot of canceled shows coming down the pipeline. If you combined the budget and creative resources for all these shows and put them together you might end up with the next BSG. Instead it just sounds like a lot of stuff that's already been done or has a very limited shelf-life for appeal.

Also, as a Firefly fan, I am not at all thrilled about Orion. How is that not EXACTLY the same show? Is Orion the name of the ship (or the class of it)? Between the black-market theft and relentless bounty hunters let's just get an ass-kicking adolescent named Brook to join Captain Mallory's crew alongside Zac, Jane, Dry and Preacher Story.

Quality over quantity, that's all I'm saying. — CourtoftheWell

Our story: Image of the Day: First Cylon + see-through dress = HOT

Your best comment: ... And please let's avoid the stereotypical 'sci-fi fans are all sad geeky fanboy losers who can't get real girlfriends' route of argument, can we? It's old and so not the case anymore. Can only speak for myself here but my taste in television shows has done very little to damage my ability to pick up hot girls.

Is Alessandra Torresani the most beautiful woman in the world? Probably not. But then it would always be a matter of opinion anyway. ... — CapricaFan

Our story: Scientists say triceratops may not have existed

Your best comment: Jack Horner loves to say shocking things like this with little work or incomplete work to back up his ideas. Remember this is the same guy that was bankrolled by the jurassic park movies and withheld major finds till the release of the movies. He does this all the time to get stuff going. I have looked at both of these animals and the changes that would have to occur are just to many to make it valid. Granted as an animal matures there are changes to the skull. But not a reworking to the extent that would have to happen to be a torosaurus. Much more work and discussion is needed before this is to be truth. The fossil record for them is not complete but more than other species. so new specimens that are complete and not totally damaged need to be examined as well. — Dinodave

Our story: 5 meanest tweets received by Damon Lindelof after the end of Lost

Your best comment: I think those who are making snarky comments about getting a life are missing the point behind the disappointment of many viewers. If you watched the show from start to finish or read a book through to the end you've invested yourself in the process. Not just your time, but your emotions. You identify with characters and get to "know" them. I would contend that if a person does not invest themselves emotionally in a story that it is they who have wasted their time and should find something better to do with their time - something that actually engages them.

Now, having invested so much of themselves (arguably more valuable than simply their time) in the story it is understandable that many of them would feel as if the ending were thrown together. It's almost as if the creators were just tired of the process and tied up a few loose ends, left others hanging and concocted an easy out. For a lot of viewers it just felt that none of the creativity that went into the series itself was expended on the finale.

So, yeah, the ride was fun but we didn't arrive at the promised destination. If you were on a flight that dropped you off somewhere you didn't want to be, would you rave about the ride or complain about the destination? That's what happened to a significant percentage of people who otherwise had a great experience. — carlos