Best and worst of 2011, alien sex, Trek timeline, BSG & more!

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Dec 15, 2012

2011 is on its way out the door. But, before we can welcome in Baby New Year 2012, let's look back at some of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments of the last week of the year, including the best movie posters and TV of 2011, Kate Beckinsale in pleather, sci-fi brothels, Prometheus' trailer, BSG's ruination of your life, American Horror Story's season two and a beautiful, Enterprise-y Christmas light display. Happy new year to all!

Our story: The 20 best sci-fi and fantasy movie posters of 2011

Your best comment: I love my Harry Potter, but there was nothing epic about the poster for Part II. If anything, it set me up for disappointment. I wanted more than anything to have them circling each other and monologuing like they did in the book, but no, they fought alone...AGAIN. That was the most epic battle because it was in front of everyone. As it is, this poster just looked like they were gonna defeat each other by seeing who blinked first. /rant — Meg

Our story: Kate Beckinsale slays 'em in 9 new Underworld Awakening pics

Your best comment: Blastr, you know there are laws against false advertising. What your headline states is that there will be 9 images featuring the lovely Kate Beckinsale in various depictions, with the implication of possible states of undress. You have violated that law by failing to follow through with the implied promise put forth in the headline of this article. I am therefore forced to call shenanigans upon your entire organization for continued failures, your affiliation with the Syfy network, and your overall deceptions perpetrated against the science fiction community as a whole. — Dont occupy blastr

Our story: Andrew Garfield swings into action in 6 high-res Spider-Man pics

Your best comment: Just looks dull and when your wife (who hates anything comic / sci fi) says that looks good you know it's going to be the same as twilight series — Trekman_dave

Our story: New sci-fi brothel offers sex with (girls dressed as) aliens

Your best comment: What happens in the alpha quadrant, stays in the alpha quadrant... — Arthur

Our story: The trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus is finally here!

Your best comment: To all of those griping about the lack of alien xenomorphs in the movie . . . what is wrong with you people? Is that all you want? Really? How about a film about why and how they were created - wouldn't that be a more compelling (and as Scott has promised) epic story? Did you not see the derelict ship (found by Nostromo's crew crashed on Acheron) several times in the teaser? Moreso, the teaser may have shown part of the crash as well! Not enough for you? Well then how about the spacejockey rising up into position within the center of the dais in the cockpit of the craft at the 00:38 second mark? Not sure if the creature was in the chair, too difficult to tell from the lighting and camera angle, but still . . . ! Did all that completely escape you guys?

From what the producers and direcor have said, this is a movie about big ideas that contains "alien DNA." Let's face it folks - we got two GREAT alien films, two lousy ones, and two (mediocre at best) crossover films (AvP). For Ridley Scott to go back and dare to make a film of epic scope on the backstory of a science-fiction classic is beyond what anyone could have expected or hoped!

With all due respect to my fellow science-fiction fans out there, wake up and think about the BIGGER picture here! Revel in (what so far appears to be) an incredible journey into the origins of one of the more terrifying creatures in movie history. — Chris

Our story: Out of print Blade Runner design sketchbook is online FOR FREE

Your best comment: I've lost track of the 32 versions that Scott has put out, but I don't remember an "orgasma" device in the movie. Anyone w/ info about it? — jb in ks

Our story: Anne Hathaway reveals key scene in Dark Knight Rises

Your best comment: $10 says she is being used as a catspaw for the league of shadows and doesn't fully understand their endgame, by the end of the flick she and "robin" are the next gen of heroes inspired by the Bat — Bobert

Our story: Frightening but funny video warns how BSG could ruin your life

Your best comment: The remake followed the same formula of many recent hit shows. Tell character driven stories and build up a mythology to pull in regular viewers.

And like most of these shows it had the same problems, wrapping up the story. Most of these shows it isn't a problem since they get canceled before they have to deal with it. BS-Galatica tried to wrap it and dealt up a disappointing ending on a psudo intellectual note that failed every one up except a few people who always end up sounding like battered wifes makeing excuses for thier husbands assaults. — spleen23

Our story: The best and worst of sci-fi TV for 2011

Your best comment: 2011 was a real kick in the b@ll$ for Scifi fans. SGU, The EVENT, V and Caprica all gone. Its time the "Industry" wakes up and smells the technology as Nielson ratings is a thing of the past: Streaming (HULU), Video on Demand (AmazonVOD, AppleTv, VUDU etc) and DVR'ing is the present. Hence its astonishing quality shows repeatedly get canned despite having more viewers whereas crap like the Kardashians keep getting renewed. — Kraven

Our story: Abrams says no Trek alt timeline would've been a 'big mistake'

Your best comment: I have no problems with an alternate timeline. I have a problem with things like Spock Prime seeing the destruction of Vulcan from a different solar system/planet as if Vulcan was a moon orbiting said planet. I have a problem with a supernova threatening to destroy the GALAXY. I have a problem with a black hole that can consume a planet in a few minutes but takes just as long to destroy Nero's ship.

Make it a little more believable. Your audience respects that. — SpinalTap

Our story: 2nd season of American Horror Story will be NOTHING like the 1st

Your best comment: I want the gimp to have his own spin-off show. He reminds me of an anti superhero. — Beam me up Scotty

Our story: Were any of your favorite sci-fi flicks among this year's flops?

Your best comment: My favorite "flop" was Sucker Punch. I was genuinely entertained, and I bought both the soundtrack and the DVD when it came out. I really wish others would have liked it as much as I did. — JulieM

Our story: Image of the Day: Ginormous Starship Enterprise Xmas light display

Your best comment: I`m impressed... Generally, when The Enterprise is replicated people get the dimensions wrong; they make the saucer section too big, or too small, the warp nacelles too short and angled incorrectly, etc...

But this looks spot on.

Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' like a bright-light Federation Starship rolling down the road. — EDGE