Why Princess Leia went commando—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Turn your Wayback Machine to "Past Seven Days" and enjoy our hottest stories—bra-less Leia, Stephen Hawking's warning and Torchwood's upcoming changes—and best comments of the week.


Our story: Why George Lucas convinced Carrie Fisher to take her bra off

Your best comment: Like daughter, like mother. Did anyone catch Padme jumping off the Clone Trooper ship during Attack of the Clones? I guess it runs in the family... — Casey4147

Our story: 6 ways Torchwood's new season will change everything

Your best comment: I stopped watching Torchwood when they used the standard device of cell phone chat rather than whatever earbuds the Captain was using. It's not going to be much of a New World if that continues then is it?

It appears that Russell Davies is the new Brian Clemmons: one individual is entrusted with all the pseudo creativity in the British market. Clemmons had his name on everything for decades.

Just one question: Will an Americanized Torchwood be any better than Life On Mars? Or worse? — loninappleton

Our story: Scott Bakula: There WILL be a Quantum Leap movie

Your best comment: Sam 'couldn't' come home folks. Without his guide, he never made the second jump (from the first epi to the second). If it were not for Al, Sam never would have been able to do what he did... We know that he altered his own existence when he altered Al's past. Al never met Sam, never joined the QL Project, therefore, Sam couldn't complete his first mission. Sam's last mission undid all his previous missions, because he changed his own past (or future, depending on when you are looking).

Think of it this way...Al was Sam's compass, pointing him to where he needed to be so he could leap, but Sam's actions in the last episode basically destroyed his compass before he ever needed it, nullifying every single episode in the series. It doesn't make sense to have Dean Stockwell in the movie, based on the series finale. I loved QL, and those words at the end destroyed the series. — darmeen

Our story: Why Marvel picked Joss Whedon over Jon Favreau for Avengers

Your best comment: The frakked up economy (no political blame being thrown here) is starting to affect the production costs of movies..live with it. In this case, Joss Whedon make make his bones with the double whammy of having solid credentials in the world of comics...being able to get inside the head of these characters, and excellent prior results with an ensemble cast. Face it, making these heavyweight characters work together in a way that feels natural is HARD. The Firefly series proves that he can make multiple forceful personalities work, and make it look like this is the way it should be. The downfall of a sucessful Avengers movie is that Whedon probably won't be asked to direct a sequel because the producers won't be able to afford him twice. — Roadking

Our story: Stephen Hawking says we must abandon Earth--or die!

Your best comment: This is not news. I have known this for close to 40 years - and I am currently 45. When I was a pre-teen I believed that I would be able to go into space during my lifetime. After all, I watched people walk on the moon. I think that was our technological pinnacle (the ISS notwithstanding) in our reach into space. Since then I have been terribly disappointed with our progress and hope but am less sure our race can maintain a technological position for the next 20 years (let alone a hundred) in order to push forward. But I am having more and more doubts...

We have a finite time to spread into the cosmos - sooner or later the Earth will cease to be able to support human life. But we have known this for at least 40 years, right? — Nick

Our story: Lost epilogue leaked online: Our spoiler-laden review!

Your best comment: What about those damned numbers?!?! So much was made of them for so long, it was the only question I was really interested in the answer to, but, still no info!!! I'm assuming at this point that the answers never were there and the writers are now just back-tracking to make disappointed fans feel better...too little, too late. I won't buy or rent the DVDs, I've had enough Lost Disappointment!!! — BadMovieGuy

Our story: 9 awful sci-fi/horror movies that launched major acting careers

Your best comment: Excuse me, but I think he messed up. Yes, Return to Horror High was pretty bad, but I could swear that George Clooney was first in Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Which, was I think everyone will agree, was a movie everybody wondered why it was made. The first one sucked eggs. And then they made a sequal? — Talmadge Roberts

Our story: 1st Skyline trailer proves all that Comic-Con buzz was RIGHT

Your best comment: I'm not sure what I think of the trailer. Sure, it has good sound, and good special effects, but the only possible characters in it are either standing and watching, or being vacuumed up. At this point it could just as easily have been the opening cinematic for a video game as it could be a movie trailer. — Richard Y

Our story: DS9's Siddig talks about intentionally blowing his lines

Your best comment: That was a risky move. The producers could have killed-off the character and brought in someone who could play ball. I applaud Siddig for owning his character and not mimicking past works. When this show ended he wanted his next director to remember his performance on DS9 and not focus on comparisons with Brent Spiner. — John

Our story: Image of the Day: UFO sightings chart

Your best comment: After shots of Belvedere Vodka and Bannana Schnapps......all UFOS and planes look like weather balloons. or is it the other way around? lol — Fred Albury

Our story: 35 stunning images of space helmet reflections

Your best comment: I would have included three from Firefly. In the pilot when the Alliance cruiser is reflected in Mal's helment, River's fascinated look out to space as she hangs outside Serenity in "Bushwhacked" and the final scene of "Objects in Space" as Jubal Early spins and floats his way across the universe. — ecgordon

Our story: 6 bizarre covers to bootleg sci-fi, fantasy and horror DVDs

Your best comment: I think I can explain much of the seemingly misplaced text. Most bootleg dvds are created and sold in Asia. The graphic 'artists' simply slap on any English text they can find to make the packaging look authentic. Most of their audience doesn't read or speak English anyway. It's just like those trendy shirts from the 1980's with the Japanese writing on them. I was convinced at the time that the writing said something like "Look at me! I'm a dork in a stupid shirt." — nohater

Our story: Image of the Day: Girl tattoos MST3K silhouette on her back

Your best comment: Hey, I like body art as much as the next guy, but THAT'S something I could really get behind! — w0lfm4n