Doctor Who pics, sexy Star Wars pinups, Firefly's Jewel Staite—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Like Seth Brudle entering the pod to be transformed into Brundelfly—so too, we have mashed up the Best Stories and Hottest Comments of the week, all into one physical space. (But with a less mucus.) Great pics of Doctor Who's stars, fictitious SF business cards, sexy Star Wars recruitment pinup posters, Jewel Staite talks Firefly's end, and more!

Our story: 26 fun, candid and WTF photos of Karen Gillan and Matt Smith

Your best comment: Does anyone else think that Karen Gillan would make a formidable Mrs. Peel? — JoeE

Our story: 29 officially licensed business cards for classic sci-fi characters

Your best comment: I suppose Sulu and Chekov aren't important enough to get business cards. There was a cardstock shortage on board, and so they had to ration who was awesome enough to get cards. Harry Mudd got a card though. (Funny, all the cardstock disappeared shortly after the ruffian came aboard. Guess everyone was too busy watching his cargo...) — Crusade2267

Our story: Sexy Star Wars pin-up girls want you to support the Empire

Your best comment: wow! if only these propaganda posters were shown in the episodes 4-6 that would make the Empire seem so desperate for new storm trooper recruits. by the way, these were pretty awesome pictures. — 3B

Our story: Jewel Staite: How Firefly should have ended, Dragon*Con and more

Your best comment: Ok, did some more research: Serenity actually sold 2 million copies on dvd. So if everybody who bought the dvd puts up $20, we've got $40m, which was Serenity's budget and we can have at least Serenity 2, if not a web series.

So all we need is somebody to collect the money so that we'd have a chance to really show our faith in Joss, and not the studios, and get something unique done. And I guess everybody who donates should eventually get a dvd for free or something...

And I'm sure Joss will find a way to bring Wash back in flashbacks. Or cloning: it's the future, people...how many times did Buffy and Angel die without really dying... — Kart

Our story: Image of the Day: Epic Firefly easter egg in Battlestar Galactica

Your best comment: Interesting side note, this building the the camera is inside of is the Waterfall Building in Vancouver, designed by the late futuristic architect Arthur Erickson, the building is also seen as the New York Visitor Welcome Center in the new remake of V and it's the fictional L.A. art gallery that Jennifer Beals' character works at in the L-word. shh it's all in Canada eh! — kckieta

Our story: A look at the modern, gritty Watchmen movie originally planned

Your best comment: Oh man I am glad Greengrass didn't get to make Watchmen. My brain can only stand so many fast cuts and so much shaky cam during action.

I felt certain I would have an epileptic siezure during the Bourne films.

That's one of the reasons I love Snyder's films. People like to make fun of the slow motion, but it beats fast cuts and extreme closeups and shaky cam every single time. Can actually see what's happening, for one thing. — antisocialfatman

Our story: J.J. Abrams may create a new villain for the next Star Trek movie

Your best comment: The alternate timeline was done, so that fans cannot argue that things have changed in the Trek Universe. Granted, die-hard fans were still outraged, but the only argument they can bring is "they don't like the alternate timeline" because in the technical standpoint, there's nothing to argue - the Trek world we know no longer exist.

It was a gamble because it could alienate fans, maybe it has or maybe it it didn't, but the Trek fan base is bigger now since Trek is now consider mainstream COOL, especially for younger audiences.

In addition, since it has a fresh start, I don't mind seeing a new villain in the next movie. Remember Archer's timeline is still intact, hence the Klingons has been introduced. — RommelS

Our story: Complete blueprints for making your own full-size Dalek

Your best comment: I know exactly what I would use mine for: I would sic it on the roommate that screwed over my spouse and myself recently! LOL! — Af519

Our story: Caprica coming back early, on Oct. 5, and we have a SNEAK PEEK

Your best comment: Way to go! Now, this is great, but don't punk us out on Eureka or Warehouse 13. I mean, you guys do realize that every time you have a "mid-season hiatus" or whatever you call it, I end up not watching SyFy at all for months! Seriously! You need to figure out the shows that important and keep those coming. — Dave

Our story: A complete guide to 68 midseason genre shows, movies and miniseries

Your best comment: At first glance I misread "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid" as "Monty Python vs. Gatoroid." Imagine my disappointmen upon a closer look. — rkf

Our story: Edward James Olmos working on Battlestar Galactica sequel

Your best comment: Someone needs to hook Eddie up with Robert Rodriguez. Olmos must be in the mandated sequel to MACHETE. He can play the former Federale who taught Danny Trejo's character everything he knows.

You know that would be awesome. — Pointer Obvious