Nude comic-book brawls, Dushku's Faith spinoff—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Enter the party that is this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Here you'll see Eliza Dushku and Harlan Ellison mingling. Captain America and Ironman flip through comic-book back issues featuring all-nude fight scenes. Chestburster cakes will be served. And the Walking Dead stare up at the beautiful night sky. Make yourself at home!

Our story: The 10 greatest all-nude fight scenes in comics

Your best comment: I usually stay out of the comments because it seems, no matter what the article on here, people are always upset at the lack of "real news" and the wealth of "stupid pieces." The thing is, the title explicitly stated what the article is about. "The 10 greatest all-nude fight scenes in comics" is pretty descriptive. If you somehow feel your time was wasted or are in anyway offended, you have no one to blame but yourself. And instead of spending time reading something you deem meaningful or appropriate, you further waste your time by writing about how much you didn't enjoy what you just read. Get over it. — Andrew

Our story: 16 amazing images of the night sky

Your best comment: I also suggest checking out the site

apod stands for "Astronomy Picture Of the Day". They post a new picture every day that comes from various sources from Hubble to personal pictures. They have a utility you can download that will automatically download the new picture every day and make it your desktop background. I've been using it for a few years now and it's great. — ken kahn

Our story: Stargate Universe sneak peek: Destiny's Bridge finally revealed!

Your best comment: Come on guys, the bridge looks amazing! I could go on with how I think the story line may be ripping a bit on Voyager, and the bridge is ripping on most Star Trek designs, but I'm not going to because this is a different show. They are doing an amazing job presenting the Stargate Universe. I am enjoying every minute of SGU, and you should too! Can't wait to see what Rush does with the bridge — GRGhost

Our story: 1st look at Evans and Atwell on the Captain America set

Your best comment: Is it just me or does Evans look like he Hulked out big time on Gamma raidation — Chris

Our story: 50 years of futuristic concept cars

Your best comment: I'm still waiting for the car that Homer Simpson designed. That was the car of the future. — Simpsons Fan

Our story: Bootleg video of Iron Man 2's alternate opening (watch quickly!)

Your best comment: Y'know, why didn't Iron Man just take his repulsor rays, stand back out of Whiplash's range of his whips, and blow his fool head right off his commie shoulders? If Iron Man can blow up tanks and shoot missles and everything else, some guy who talks and looks like the local drunk at the tavern on a Saterday night should be no problem at all! — Boogienosedman

Our story: 5 disgusting chestburster birthday cakes

Your best comment: I remember seeing one of those "funniest videos" shows and had a plain sheet cake on a table. When the guest of honor bent over to blow out the candles, someone under the table thrust his hand up through the cake with a burster sock puppet on it. Screams were had by everyone! — Bob

Our story: Image of the Day: Star Trek and Star Wars ships compared in 3-D

Your best comment: Size doesn't matter in space. Star Trek ships have much more advanced technology. Star Wars uses lasers, which is centuries out of date on Star Trek. Star Trek also has beaming, cloaking, and warp drive (which is much faster than "light speed."). The Empire's battle tactics are more like a blunt club that just decimates weaker foes with lots of fire power. Starfleet, Romulans, Klingons etc. use more strategy which would mean all the difference. — Ray

Our story: What our solar system would look like to alien astronomers

Your best comment: This was very interesting and exciting news! This probably WILL help identify many new solar-system-candidate stars and help us find their planets, and I look forward to hearing about it! — Sithboy

Our story: 7 atmospheric new Walking Dead promo posters

Your best comment: This is Atlanta, but there's sure not a 5-lane highway with a railroad track running alongside it like that. Somebody went matte-painting-or-cgi-bananas. Also, I really think in the zombie apocalypse, it would occur to some people to drive on the wrong side of the road. Still, it's a cool image. — algomeysa

Our story: Image of the Day: Charred Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen action figures

Your best comment: I don't think I've ever seen dead action figures before. (not including undead characters, DEAD dead characters) They probably don't get much action, even from the most imaginative child. I would consider finding out who can up with this idea, an see if they need to be under professional supervision. — Andrew VH

Our story: Image of the Day: Eliza Dushku discusses the Faith spinoff that never happened

Your best comment: While it could have been cool, we all know how it would have gone down. Joss Whedon creates a new series, then he promotes it to Fox who screws it up by editing it into a big mess or playing the episodes out of order, then moving it around timeslots until anybody who was watching it can no longer find it, and finally cancelling it before it has a chance to build any steam. Doesn't matter if it would have been good or bad, it still would have ended up disappointing what fans it did manage to collect.

...and for anyone asking, yes, I am still ticked off about Firefly. ;) — Simon

Our story: Harlan Ellison says he's dying, plans last convention appearance

Your best comment: I remeber years ago when he'd appear on the Scifi channel to do weekly rants on Scifi Buzz (Scifi Channel's old news show) and at one point he ranted how he hated the word Scifi because he felt it diminished science fiction. I wonder how he feels about The word Syfy... — Amanda