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Dec 14, 2012

If you were to take this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments and mash them up together completely, you'd end up with a horrible (wonderful?) image: a hobbit-size LOLcat, dressed in a Tron suit, wearing a Green Lantern ring, standing beside a TARDIS, parked on top of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicarrier. Best we leave them as separate stories, yeah?

Our story: 20 sci-fi LOLCats that may actually make you LOL

Your best comment: Can't tell if its a plus or minus in my geek column that I recognized each of these and laughed. :) — Raen

Our story: 26 Star Wars characters turned into cutest sci-fi alphabet ever

Your best comment: These are cute and well rendered, but I don't see the point in making baby versions of Star Wars characters. I was 8 years old when Star Wars was released in 1977 and somehow I was satisfied with having realistic adult representations of the characters plastered on my walls. — nohater

Our story: 10 Marvel superheroes if they lived in the world of Tron

Your best comment: COOL! Especially Captain America and Ghost Rider (who's perfect for a lightcycle), but Thor and Wolverine weren't so great (the latter's claws are awful).

Are these really just variant covers or will there actually be a Marvel/Tron crossover series? That would be so awesome!

By the way, read the first issue of the Tron: Betrayal mini-series that's set between the original film and the upcoming sequel. It's great! Shows you what happened shortly after the first film and sets up the premise, including why Clu went bad, for the new movie, which I cannot wait for! — Zuul

Our story: Scientists find first real evidence you CAN see the future

Your best comment: See, this all comes down to humans and their ability to see patterns... even if none are present. The question here is how did the "random" words become generated.

Problem: True-random number generators vs. pseudo-random number generators; The first can generate a true random selection by using an unpredictable physical means to do so, like atmospheric noise. pseudo-random number generators (computer based) use mathematical algorithms to determine their "random" selections. The problem with the latter is that even though it is considered random, the math that created it can create patterns that the human eye recognizes and anticipates. Whether it is intentional or not. How did this computer randomize it's word selections? Are the students seeing the same patterns in the words that the algorithm found/created in order to select them randomly? That would account as to why it appears the students are seeing into the future. Just my theory though.

Regardless, these are questions that would validate any findings or potentially make them even more controversial. Why aren't they addressed? The human eye has the ability to select patterns quicker than any computer, hence pre-determining a pattern of words the algorithm would be collecting in order to randomize selections. Again, just a theory. — wbaldwin

Our story: Sneak peek: 19 pics of Matt Smith's Sarah Jane Adventures episode

Your best comment: Good to see the Skeksis have found some work since the Dark Crystal. — goggleboy3

Our story: 10 awesome minimalist Doctor Who posters

Your best comment: The 'bom' poster refers to the four knocks that signal the death of the Tenth Doctor (Tennant). The design is a Galifreian text that the BBC has design & can also be found inscribed into the TARDIS console & most things related to the Timelords. — R Maharty

Our story: 8 revealing new pics from Syfy's reimagined Being Human

Your best comment: I'll probably give it a chance but I really don't understand the obsession with remaking British shows either. Why not remake a show from Japan or Italy or some country where English is not the main language...then I could understand the need for an Americanized version! — darfnoogie

Our story: Awesome new Tron: Legacy poster re-creates original 1982 poster

Your best comment: Just watched the original a couple of months ago in anticipation, and noticed something I'd never seen before.

I'm sure it's old news to Tronners (Trononites? Tronskis?), but when the heroes are flying over the landscape in their Solar Sailer, there's a large Mickey Mouse layout embedded in the "dunes".

What can I say? Maybe the MCP had control of my optical nerves before! — KonTiki

Our story: The 6 most awful comic-book toys and action figures EVER

Your best comment: I beg to differ on the spiderman toilet training seat. My grand nephew had the hardest time not being afraid he'd fall into the toilet when he was toilet training. He loved his spiderman training seat because it helped him be reasured that spiderman would not let him fall in while he was taking a poo. We have a lot less tension around the house now, thanks to having to clean up fewer poo filled diapers and undershorts. In fact, none at all, any more... and that makes that design worthwhile in my book. — Beggly

Our story: Why making Doctor Who immortal is a terrible mistake

Your best comment: What if "12" is not in base 10?

Companion: "I thought you said there were only 12 regenerations?"
Dr Who: "What??? Oh yes, you would be thinking in base ten wouldn't you?" — roversaurus

Our story: 2 never-before-seen pics of Green Lantern's homeworld

Your best comment: I would like to point out that the pic with the Pillars on the right hand side is the GLC Cemetery or the Crypt Of The Green Lantern Corps. Each pillar has the corpse of a fallen GL in it. — Andrea

Our story: The Hobbit FINALLY gets the green light! Pipe-weed for everyone!

Your best comment: I believe the unions were looking for a way to capitalize on this when it eventually got Green Lit, and now that it has, they will be eager to leach as much as they can away from it if possible. I would welcome any actors who want to cross the line over to New Zealand to work. This is great news, and I will be following production until I see it in the theater. — Fettcicle

Our story: Sneak Peek: SHIELD Helicarrier from Joss Whedon's Avengers

Your best comment: The thing everyone is missing is that THIS design is a very close copy of the original Shield Heli-Carrier design that was drawn by Jack Kirby in the first SHIELD comic every created.

It's got the big old props because that's the way the KING drew 'em back in 1965.

It's a true testament to Mr. Whedon's taste and old school comics cred that he's going with this classic design.

And it remains the BEST Heli-Carrier design ever. — Joe

Our story: 7 greatest actor-director collaborations in sci-fi movies and TV

Your best comment: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton need to take a break in their relationship. — musicnerdwithcomics

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