Retro SF posters, Lois Lane's S&M, young Adama—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

It feels like Art Week in this edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Retro sci-fi posters, Halloween T-shirts, S&M Lois Lane covers, animated GIFs and gruesome infographics. Also included: "plausible zombies," "SF blind spots," "Batman and Hobbits"—all of which are great names for a band.

Our story: 18 brilliant retro sci-fi movie posters

Your best comment: Sweet! I love how the Empire Strikes Back poster has the trees in the background forming Vader's helmet. I want one! — DarkDoc26

Our story: 15 terrifically terrifying horror T-shirts for Halloween

Your best comment: Hot Velma rocks! I wanna see THAT Scooby Doo movie. Scooby Doo: Zombie Hunter. — Tom Black

Our story: The top 7 S&M covers of Lois Lane. Seriously.

Your best comment: Joe Shuster, Superman's co-creator, was an illustrator for some pulp comics that involved some borderline S&M that partially lead to the witch hunt of comic books as harmful to the youth of America. Comics has always been my intro to some kinky depictions w/ women. The Batman tv series had Yvonne Craig tied up every other show and dag if I wasn't all fidgety afterwards. — sidekickbob

Our story: Battlestar prequel to star a young Adama during first Cylon war

Your best comment: I can't understand why Caprica appears to be so disliked. I think it is a fantastically produced show that is doing a superb job in explaning some of the fundamental issues that drove Galactica. I don't think that is was meant to run for years and years; it is an origin story. I think it is clear that a lot of people are just yearning for 'action' and care nothing about the vital exposition that drives this universe. Come on folks, try and be a little less vacuous! I am of the opinion that the Greystones' and Taureans story is more than a little interesting and it is a joy to understand why the Cylons are so religous.

That said, Blood and Chrome looks likely to kick bottom. — Xavier

Our story: Batman 3 gets a title, nixes 3-D and rules out the expected villain

Your best comment: Nolan is making the smart decision regarding 3-D.

By 2012, people are going to be sick and tired of 3-D. It's much better that he be a forerunner of turning down 3-D instead of being considered to be somebody riding the tail end of the gimmick train.

I've read that Bale balked at the idea, but I'd love to see a realistic take on a Robin character. He wouldn't have to be some little buddy or move into Wayne manor. I just think it would be cool if he was involved in a sub-plot and involved in the Nolan universe.

I wouldn't even mind if the Robin character only made a brief appearance and turned into Nightwing. — foresight

Our story: 11 awesome can't-look-away sci-fi GIFs

Your best comment: Well, now we can finally stop complaining about the tech problems and focus on what's really important--the splendiferousness of Summer Glau. — zathras

Our story: Peter Jackson officially announces the cast of The Hobbit (Yes!)

Your best comment: I'm very pleased with these casting choices. Very smart from an audience perspective. The problem with the Hobbit, cinematicaly speaking, is no classic "hero types". What made the LOTR so appealing to a broad audience (pun intended) is that you had characters to Cheer for, Laugh with, AND Swoon over. The Hobbit was missing that 3rd essential block-buster ingredient (Bard is not in it enough to count). You need to have some "handsome" dwarves and "dashing" dwarves not just 12 little Rob Zombie clones on a walk about. — Curate

Our story: What if Beethoven had composed Darth Vader's theme?

Your best comment: Ahhh, my two worlds of geekdom have finally collided. Classical music and Star Wars... This is happy. Richard Grayson is possibly the best "classical" improver in the world and I love listening to some of his crazy mash-ups on NPR. I love that he even managed to make it resemble sonata form with a recap (albeit it was major) and a great extended coda! Beethoven would be proud. — kmgates711

Our story: Scientist uses his brains to explain how to make zombies plausible

Your best comment: Okay, would somebody please tell me why "zombie" became the standard word for shambling carnivorous sci-fi undead? A walking corpse that eats brains/flesh is a *ghoul*, not a zombie (and Romero even got that part right in the original "Night of the Living Dead" movie). A zombie is just an animated corpse that does the bidding of the witch or voodoo priest that created it.

Granted, it's easy to confuse the two. They're both 2-hit-die undead, easily turned by any low-level cleric — John Quixote

Our story: Sigourney Weaver IS Ripley in her role-winning Alien audition

Your best comment: I never thought of Weaver as any kind of A-grade actress, but you know what, I always liked her. There's something cool and a little androgynous about her that makes her perfect for science fiction roles. She has a serious, boyish look and way about her that makes her equally fitting as either a mechanic, a pilot, or a genius. A sci-fi astronaut is kind of all of those combined — Jay

Our story: Image of the Day: Prototype Star Wars battle droid hidden in Trek

Your best comment: It looks like an ice scooper attached to a gas can sprayed silver.— James

Our story: Gruesome infographic compares 3 horror movie icons by kill ratio

Your best comment: People always take Dracula for granted. If you sat down and added up all the Dracula movies together (and there are hundreds) and every victim from those films Dracula would blow these guys out of the water — Amanda

Our story: We ALL have our sci-fi TV blind spots--what's YOURS?

Your best comment: I'll admit it: BSG. I've never seen a single episode. I KNOW I should - it's given SciFi a good amount of credibility in general pop culture (not that we've ever needed it) - but I've just never felt the motivation. Plus, if it's as good as everyone says, I'll get addicted and I just don't have the energy for another addiction right now. — Meredith