Great geek protest signs, sexy sci-fi Halloween—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

"27, 23, 25, 19, 7, 8, 9, 12, II, 16 and 1st!" Nope, not the magic numbers to Lost: The Next Generation. And they're not this week's Lucky Lotto numbers. These are the magic numbers shaping, forming and giving meaning to this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Geek signs, sci-fi costumes, NSFW Wonder Woman pics, Captain America, Julie Newmar, artwork and more!

Our story: 27 greatest geek protest signs at Jon Stewart's Sanity rally

Your best comment: Kids...kids play nice. Now Glenn quit poking Keith. Quit! Sarah get your foot out of Ariana's lap. HEY Karl quit throwing cereal! Whoopi quit making faces at Bill. Now...hey stop it. STOP IT! WILL YOU KIDS STOP OR AM I GONNA HAVE TO TURN THIS VOTE AROUND AND GO HOME! — Dad

Our story: 23 sexy, crazy and cute sci-fi costumes from Halloween

Your best comment: I hate pets in costumes, however the troncat was purrfect. — Master Control Program

Our story: 25 hypnotic sci-fi movie computer interfaces

Your best comment: so no one noticed that Veidt has a folder called "boys" on his 80s era Mac? That would fit perfectly in line with his Egyptian "living god" motif and philosophy and, obviously, his love of the perfected male form. Just putting it out there. — David

Our story: Tanit Phoenix may be the next Wonder Woman (19 slightly NSFW pics)

Your best comment: I think its well past time for the fan community to give up the idea that there's someone out there who could play the perfect Wonder Woman on TV or the big screen. That woman just doesn't exist, as fictional as the character herself.

In the end we're going to have to just give someone like Tanit a shot, because as of now she could look the part, and she might be able to act the part just close enough to count. But remember, Lynda Carter was far far from perfect as well, yet she proved close enough that no one complained. — lindyxmjh

Our story: Doctor Who and friends get the Simpsons treatment (19 pics)

Your best comment: That should be in one of the Simpson halloween specials: The Doctor meets The Simpsons!! Say Lisa and Bart become his latest companions, and Bart calls the Daleks on the Doctor's phone to pull a prank on them like he does with Moe. — SethSJ

Our story: Here's what Tim Burton's Superman would've looked like (7 pics)

Your best comment: The first thing that came to mind was "oh my god..." These are just bad. Bat-suit-with-nipples bad. I can certainly understand wanting to take things in new directions. I'm cool with that. But when you diverge so radically from such well known material you really risk killing the franchise. I'd be all for a new suit. But it would really have to retain the red, yellow, blue motif. Of course, I'd also like to see comic heroes go back to *something* resembling realistic proportions. Come on artists...5 foot wide shoulders and 30 inch waists? — JasonKS

Our story: 8 high-res images from Captain America WOW us

Your best comment: Okay the picture of Hugo at the end as the Red Skull.....

Does anyone realize its a picture with technically Megatron working with the Dream Lord from Doctor Who? Super Villians unite!! — Henry

Our story: Gorgeous never-before-seen photos of the original Catwoman

Your best comment: I remember being mystified as a child when Catwoman changed from Julie Newmar to Earth Kitt and then Lee Meriwether with no explanation, while Batman and Robin acted like it was all the same person. Now I appreciate that as one more element of the insane campiness that makes me like the series more now than I did then when I wanted it to take itself more seriously. — Leroy

Our story: 8 awesome retro Star Wars travel posters that'll send you packing

Your best comment: It's strange that looking at a painting of an ugly bird would almost make you want to visit Dagobah. What I got out of that is I almost want to cruise the galaxy aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. — Spot

Our story: 9 sweet, minimalist takes on Wolverine, The Hulk, Batman & more

Your best comment: I had to think a minute on the Fantastic 4 one, but I got it eventually. I personally love The Batman piece,and especially the Silver Surfer art. The Surfer piece really conveys the loneliness and solitude of his existence. Wouldn't mind a poster of that one myself... — KZed

Our story: What if Picasso had drawn Superman (and 11 other superheroes)?

Your best comment: Uhhh, they made Hellboy look exactly like Hellboy. Except for the fact that they made the Right Hand of Doom on the left. Fail. — Kevin

Our story: Texas Supreme Court cites Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Your best comment: Fascinating... — Lophius

Our story: The 16 least scary sci-fi movie and TV monsters

Your best comment: The scariness of a Sleestak to a kid is memorable. One night I awoke to what sounded like Sleestaks outside my room, In a half-sleep state, thats really freaky. Even after I realized it was my fathers snoring, it took awhile while yo shake off that sense of dread. ... So There ,ya' haters! — YIAuada

Our story: 1st official look at Summer Glau's Greta on Chuck (6 pics)

Your best comment: It took awhile for Summer to grow on me, in fact the first thing I remember thinking upon seeing her for the first time is "Good lord that girls forehead is huge!!!"

Fortunately a better stylist solved that problem, and I think the world of her now. — Alphanumeric

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