Demotivational posters, hot Barbarella clones—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

J.R.R. Tolkien. The Beatles. Slave Leia. Barbarella lookalikes. Harry Potter. Lynda Carter. Megan Fox. Star Trek. Fringe. It was a star-studded week, for sure. Come on in, relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. (And, in case of a zombie attack: Use the superbunker.)

Our story: 19 demotivating (but funny!) sci-fi motivational posters

Your best comment: Should have had a picture of Spock in STII with caption: SUICIDE, because the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. — xbagger

Our story: Katee Sackhoff and 10 other stars who sexed it up as Barbarella

Your best comment: And people used to think sci-fi was for nerds. But I will say this, aside from Lohan's picture, it seems that all the weapons were purchased at Toys R us. — Drake

Our story: Little-known sci-fi facts: Tolkien killed a Beatles LOTR movie

Your best comment: Kubrick's screenplay would have been interesting, the acting abysmal, but think of the soundtrack...

"It was 200 years ago today,
Gandalf taught the Hobbits how to play.
They've been going in and out the Shire,
and Frodo's headed for the fire.
So may I introduce to you,
the Elf you've know for all these years,
Happy Elrond's Rivendell baaaaaaaaaaaaand." — BitView

Our story: Daniel Radcliffe NOT happy J.K. Rowling may write more Potter

Your best comment: Surprise me? Actors like challenges, not to do the same thing all the time. Ricard Harris once asked about playing Dumbledore, "What if I wanted to get out of this seven-film contract?", and his agent replied, "You'd have to die," and look what happened. — Paul Gadzikowski

Our story: Alessandra Torresani goes all Slave Leia in bizarre Caprica spoof

Your best comment: I saw this last night and didn't think it was very funny. I miss Olivia too, but my past worship of her has been shaken recently because it appears she's into jerks. First Chris Pine cheats on her and now she hooked up with Justin Timberlake? I just wish G4 would make a statement about her not being on and take her off all the promos. I hope they hire Kerry Keagan to replace her, she's the hottest of the revolving co hostesses, is funny and has the best chemistry with Kevin. — Marisa

Our story: Architects want to know: What's the perfect zombie safe house?

Your best comment: You know, forget about Alien vs. Predator, somebody should do a spoof movie called Robots vs. Zombies. You know, use all the cliches about robots overthrowing humanity, but only to find out that humanity has turned into brain-eating undead mutants. What this has to do with building the ultimate Zombie safehouse, I don't know. — Halospawn

Our story: Newspaper posts awesome apology to picky Star Trek fans

Your best comment: I think this is a nicely sarcastic "apology" to overly critical nerds. I'd love to see a video version of it. Maybe some newspaper editor guy in a suit sitting behind a desk, looking very serious, but with sarcasm dripping from every word. — OneMinuteGalactica

Our story: This MAY be the first official image from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek 2

Your best comment: Sweet Poster, but summer 2012 is a long time to wait for a rebooted Wrath of Kahn squeakwal whatever. If you want a reboot, then reboot the horta episode, about the mining monster that looks like a pepperoni pizza. In any event, make it about science fiction! Not like the crap that SkyFys been blastring down our eyeholes!

In the meantime Abrams, shorten the nacelles on the Enterprise. My hotwheels reproduction nacelles keep wobbling every time I play with the ship. Oh, and don't forget that cloverfield cameo. She is so cute! — Nidcelle

Our story: Lynda Carter to Megan Fox: Stop trashing Wonder Woman!

Your best comment: Megan Fox should guest star on the tv series as bizarro Wonder Woman- an anti-femenist and irresponsibly powerful bimbo passively waiting for the world to make all her dreams (mostly fashion and/or accessory related) come true. She'd instantly become one of Wonder Woman's most vexing arch-nemesees (plural?). — DINGbat

Our story: Why we love Fringe--and why this could be its last season

Your best comment: The commenters here are the dedicated to Sci-Fi. We're trolling and commenting on a Sci-Fi site. I don't think all 9 million (or less viewers) are as invested. So a timeline that gets confusing when you miss a week, or changes dramatically from week to week is going to have trouble keeping high ratings.

Though I personally like the over here/over there and think it adds to my experience, I can see it being a ratings roadblock. It makes the show less accessible to the casual viewer. — Jump the Shark

Our story: Undercovers canceled (and wait'll you hear what we may never see)

Your best comment: This is the reason I never bothered to watch - it was just going to be canceled. I've been burned too many times getting interested in some new show only to have the network drop it, unresolved, because no one but me is watching. I don't watch anything new anymore. If something gets renewed for a second season then maybe I might catch up on the first season. — Doug484

Our story: 16 slimy, sexy and sometimes silly alien invasion movies

Your best comment: The Arrival is a fantastic film. I had to travel a couple hours away to see it when it came out in 96 because it did not get a very wide release. Too bad the HBO sequel was a terrible movie. I like chubby Charlie Sheen. — Math

Our story: Image of the Day: Best vampire license plate EVER!

Your best comment: It's good but Renfield goofed. He wanted blood-red vanity plates! — Amanda

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