How 12 classic horror stories could be revamped for TV like Sleepy Hollow

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:22 AM EDT (Updated)

As Fox’s Sleepy Hollow has shown, there’s still an audience out there for some classic horror stories. So what other stories should networks mine for inspiration?

Digging back into the annals of horror, there are more than enough series that could be a great jumping-off point for some small-screen horror. Of course, some will require some tweaks — much as Hollow has added quite a few details to flesh out the mythos — but the potential is there.

We think we might be on the verge of a horror TV renaissance, and we'd like to help kickstart it. So from Mary Shelley to Edgar Allan Poe, we present for the 16th of our 31 Days of Halloween posts the short stories we’d like to see next.

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