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How (and why) Beauty and The Beast's S2 will deliver a 'supercharged Vincent'

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Oct 7, 2013, 6:26 PM EDT

When Beauty And the Beast returns tonight on The CW with the premiere of its second season, it's going to be supercharged all the way around, said Sherri Cooper, who developed and executive-produced the series along with her partner Jennifer Levin.

“It really feels like Beauty and the Beast 2.0,” said Cooper in an exclusive interview with Blastr. “There is this new greater mythology, a new Big Bad and a supercharged Vincent. It does feel a little like it's altered and new ... Well, it's still Beauty & the Beast, obviously, but it feels new and fresh and improved.”

Months after the events of the season-one finale -- which left Cat watching as Vincent was helicoptered away and left us with a revelation about who her father really was -- will pick up with Cat still trying to find the man/beast she loves and save him from Muirfield.

“I feel like we're so blessed to have a season two, because last year it was sort of an evolving show, as most shows are in their first. This season we actually had time to come up with a plan and an overarching mythology, which is awesome and great, and talk about a season arc and season themes. So it feels like this season's really, truly explosive,” she said.

According to Cooper, episode 2.01 feels a bit like a pilot. The story drops in “on everyone's lives three months later. Cat's still looking for Vincent, and [there's a] toll that that has taken on her life, on her physically, [and] J.T., what it's done to him. What's going on at the precinct, what's happened to Tess. But season two, we get the chance to watch Cat and Vincent fall in love all over again. We also have a more supercharged beast, because he was captured and they did do things to him. So they supercharged him,” said Copper.

Big bad Muirfield “didn't want a more docile beast. If you think about it, they wanted a cooler, better, more modern weapon. So we have a cooler, more supercharged beast in Vincent. There will be an overarching mythology for the season of who did this to him, what exactly they did, the extent of it. Is someone still out there affecting him in some way?”

They'll also be delving in J.T.'s backstory, “and why he has given up so much for Vincent. He's going to be brought in more directly into what Catherine's dealing with and Vincent, and even brought in a little into the precinct. We're going to be getting into Tess and her friendship with Cat and how it's challenged in a different way from last season. Tess doesn't give a crap about Vincent. She cares about her best friend Catherine. So how is she dealing with that? How far is she willing to let Catherine go without being a judgy friend? Sometimes you have to sit by and be supportive even if you know that it's not going to end well,” she said.

“We'll be exploring Tess's love life, too, and J.T.'s more so than we did last year. We always come at it from that point of view of where are they? Where are they at, separately or together? What are they going through? And what's Cat going through in terms of learning all these things about her family? Heather's been holding this secret about her father and grappling with 'When do I tell my sister? Do I tell my sister?' How does Catherine find out the truth, and how does she feel about that? Does she ever find out who her father is? We have a bunch of family dynamics to explore which are really juicy and exciting,” said Cooper.

“We teed up the man who claimed to be Cat's dad in the finale. So we'll be seeing some of him. We will be meeting another character who will come in. I mean, we'll have new characters every episode, but a multi-series arc character will be introduced around episode six or seven. There will be a good character who comes in and shakes things up a bit,” she said.

Shaking things up behind the scenes is Charmed's Brad Kern, who has joined the show as the new showrunner. Creating the mythology is “like when you crack open a puzzle or a Rubik's cube. It feels like he cracked something open in such a way that it made it really exciting for everybody around him to understand the mythology.” Cooper and her partner Levin “come from relationship shows and romance and a feeling of family, and Brad can do that also, but he's got this great sense of mythology that is so smart, big and cool that it's been really fun,” said Cooper.

This season “we don't just have a mythology for season two. We have a sense of what season three is and even season four. We grew more global, I guess, in terms of the premise.”

Here's a look at tonight's episode:

Beauty and the Beast premieres tonight on the CW at 9 p.m. ET.

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