How Breaking Bad just inspired GRRM to create a 'bigger monster' for Thrones

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Sep 18, 2013

It turns out even George R.R. Martin can still be shocked by the right television show.

Martin's got a well-deserved reputation for crafting gut-wrenching moments in his A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the basis for HBO's hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones (which Martin also occasionally writes for; he just brought home a Hugo Award for his work on the season-two episode "Blackwater"), but Thrones isn't the only show that makes viewers stand up and shout at their televisions in disbelief at least once a season. The hit AMC drama Breaking Bad also has that honor, and the most recent episode, "Ozymandias," hit Martin hard.

"Amazing series. Amazing episode last night," Martin wrote Monday on his online journal. "Talk about a gut punch."

Breaking Bad has always been known for delivering big shocks that keep its viewers guessing, but for its final season the show has really stepped up its game. It seems like there's a new "gut punch," as Martin calls it, every single week, and with just two episodes left in the series it looks like fans are in for even harder punches over the next two weeks. Like so many of those fans, Martin seems to be in awe of Breaking Bad, and it seems the series has motivated him to create a character packed with even more darkness than its main character, Bryan Cranston's Walter White.

"Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros," he wrote. 

"(I need to do something about that)."

You can read Martin's full entry on the show, including some Emmy speculation, here

What do you think? Can Martin top a character like Walter White, or do you think he already has?

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