How Buffy kept slaying Edward despite a Lionsgate copyright lawsuit

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

Once upon a time, there was a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it was good. Then came the Twilight saga. Less good. Thankfully, one intrepid fan made a video where Buffy slayed Twilight vamp Edward Cullen. It was very good. Until Lionsgate pulled the video. Thank goodness for due process and fair use.

Jonathan McIntosh was the man behind the funny parody video, which came out some years ago. Buffy vs. Edward (as the video was called) made its way from website to website and eventually even spawned a popular t-shirt. All was well until Lionsgate acquired Twilight in 2012 and decided they'd had quite enough of this video using their property.

It began innocuously enough. McIntosh was informed via YouTube message that, as some of his video may fall under the rights of Lionsgate, they might force ads to be placed at the front of his work. That is precisely what happened. Unfortunately, it was only the beginning.

McIntosh opted to make a counterclaim over the ads and lawyered up. Surely, considering the small amount of audio and video from Twilight used, he was safe under the rights of fair use. At first, he won his claim, until Lionsgate slammed him with yet another counterclaim over visual content, won and had his video removed. In fact, they filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act claim against McIntosh that affected his entire YouTube account.

Thank goodness there's such a thing as due process, even if it doesn't always work right away. To his lawyers McIntosh went again, and finally Lionsgate copped to the fact that their entire claim was bogus. Which it was.

It's called parody, folks, and McIntosh is protected under rights of fair use. Thank goodness, too, because his video is hilarious and points out all the reasons Twilight is one of the most maligned franchises in history. In fact, what say we all watch it now, shall we?

(via The Mary Sue)