How Chris Hemsworth helped Tom Holland nab the amazing role of Spider-Man

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Nov 28, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Earlier this year, Tom Holland (The Impossible) landed the coveted role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by beating out the likes of Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game) and Charlie Rowe (Neverland, Red Band Society).

And it looks like he may have had a little inside help.

In a recent interview with New York Daily News, the young actor revealed that his In the Heart of the Sea co-star Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder in the MCU) championed him for the role. Holland says he emailed Hemsworth, asking for his support in landing the part of the web-slinger in both the Marvel and Sony stand-alone films.

“I emailed him while I was auditioning for the film and said, ‘So can you maybe put in a good word for me?’”

Which is what Hemsworth actually did (ask and ye shall receive, right?). The actor said:

“I called the guys at Marvel when they were casting (Spider-Man) and I heard he was in the final handful of guys and said, ‘Look for what it's worth you're not going to meet a harder working more appreciative kind of guy. I was so blown away by his sort of attitude and work ethic and how good he was. But then I said to Tom, ‘I've told them that, so don't prove me wrong.’”

Tom Holland has already proven to the fans his dedication to the role by posting Instagram videos of himself doing some pretty darn impressive backflips (which is something I could never do if my life depended on it). Not only that, but the young actor’s (he is 17 years old) love for the beloved Marvel Comics character runs deep.

“I used to love the TV shows and I used to dress up relentlessly as Spider-Man. Two years ago, I went to a fancy dress party as Spider-Man. That goes to show how to show how touched I am by this (character).”

Even though Tom Holland is trying to get the physicality of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man down, it looks like the young British actor may be more worried about nailing the character’s New York accent.

“I'm going to be spending some time here to get the accent down. And I'll be eating a lot of pizza.”

Now, whether Chris Hemsworth actually had any sway in tipping Mjolnir over to Tom Holland’s side is unclear (Holland also screen-tested with Robert Downey Jr., which gave him another advantage), but I’m sure that when an Avenger’s got your back, it should count has something.


(via New York Daily News)