How David Morrissey's new gig could threaten the Governor on Walking Dead

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Aug 28, 2013

Creepily awesome Walking Dead actor David Morrissey just signed on to star in a new pilot for AMC — so what does that mean for the Governor?

Morrissey will star in the pilot for Line Of Sight, a new series that would follow a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash, then embarks on an emotional journey to discover the cause. It sounds intriguing, but what we really want to know is how it could affect The Walking Dead.

Though the network is trying to downplay the potential impact, it likely means the upcoming fourth season (or some point within the fourth season) could be the Governor’s end date — assuming his death isn’t already written in there somewhere already.

Here is AMC’s statement on the matter, via Deadline:

“We are huge fans of David Morrissey and are glad he’ll be doing double duty for AMC viewers through his work on The Walking Dead and our pilot for Line Of Sight, both of which are produced in Atlanta.”

Sure, he might be able to juggle the pilot shoot — but if Line of Sight catches on, it’d be almost impossible to maintain major roles in two series that shoot at the same time. So one would have to give.

Most fans expected the Governor to bite the dust in the season-three finale to begin with, though the writers apparently felt there’s still a lot of Governor stories left to tell (Morrissey is signed on for season four as a series regular). But if Line of Sight scores a full pickup, we might be moving on to some new baddies sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Would you like to see the Governor stick around, or are you ready for the series to head in a new direction? 

(Via The Huffington Post)

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