How a dearly departed, fan-favorite Arrow character is coming back in S3

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Jul 18, 2014

Wheel of mortality, spin, spin, spin, find out who'll be back with the spoilers within.

People die on Arrow pretty frequently, and not just because the title character is kind of a stone-cold murderer. Or at least he used to be. But this is still a show based on a comic book we're talking about, and one that spends about half its time in flashbacks, no less. So the opportunity for the deceased to return is always there.

And in this case it's none other than the junior Merlyn, Tommy, who will be coming back in the second episode of Arrow's third season. Last time we saw Tommy, he kind of got stuck in a collapsing building and then impaled. And, more importantly, his death played a big part in Ollie rethinking how he fights to save his city.

So is Tommy being resurrected? Not exactly. Well, not yet, anyway.

But Tommy will appear in an upcoming flashback, once again played by Colin Donnell. Here are the details, straight from the mouth of Arrow producer Andrew Kreisberg:

Colin Donnell is coming back in Episode 302. Tommy will be in the flashback story. We'll be telling the story about how Tommy and Oliver just missed each other in Hong Kong. It's a really amazing story and we're so excited to have Colin Donnell back. It's one of the advantages of the storytelling that we do that even when you die in the present day, you can still be alive in the flashbacks. It was something that we had talked about last year and then when we committed to doing the Hong Kong story, we knew we could really make it work.

So there you go. A little more Tommy Merlyn, albeit only in flashback form. But who's to say what the future may hold, hmmm? So are you glad to hear we'll get a long-lost Tommy story next season?

(via TV Guide)

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