How does VW's Star Wars-themed Super Bowl ad compare to Li'l Vader?

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Marc Bernardin
Jun 26, 2015

The cuteness of that "Imperial March" barkestra teaser has given way to the full, pooch-centric ad that Volkswagen is airing during the Super Bowl. Question is, does it live up to last year's adorable mini-Vader spot?

"The Dog Strikes Back," as this new spot is called, takes a while before it lands squarely in Star Wars-ville, but the company that produced it, Deutsch LA, was well aware that the connection to the Force is what made last year's spot so popular: Online support from the fan community helped make it a viral smash.

Will this year's follow suit?

My favorite part: The alien who got his arm chopped off by Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope is still hanging out at the same friggin' cantina, with the same mouthy dude who got him in dutch with a Jedi in the first place.

(via Mashable)