How LEGO Batman 3 will bring the DC universe to life ... and one part that it won't

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Oct 13, 2014

LEGO Batman 3 is taking LEGO Batman 2 even further, and we're not just talking the fact that it's set in outer space. Just as LB2 one-upped LB1 with dialogue and two-upped it with an open-world setting, LB3 promises all the mechanics that made LB2 great … and then some.

Assistant director Stephen Sharples told us at New York Comic Con, "LEGO Batman 2 was groundbreaking. We didn't want to deliver just that again. We're trying to find ways to change the game. It keeps things fresh. [LB3] has a different feel to it. It's something new, and we're always trying to do something new."

That "something new" includes space combat, 150 playable characters and cameos from Adam West, Stephen Amell, Conan O'Brien and Kevin Smith. But director Arthur Parsons is particularly proud of the credits roll, an opportunity for storytelling he feels is ignored in other games. LB3 will also have three post-credit cutscenes.

Parsons said he had a good working relationship with DC Comics and LEGO. But even still, there was one character he chose not to put in LB3: Interestingly enough, it's John Constantine. As Parsons said, "There is absolutely no age-appropriate version of Constantine." Considering the game will have appearances by Brainiac (an evil android) and Doomsday (who killed Superman), to omit a well-loved but inappropriate character proves Traveller's Tales is dedicated to keeping that good working relationship with DC Comics.

Parsons said he sadly won't be taking a much-needed holiday, because he and his team are working on LB3's DLC, which includes a playable Arrow. The DLC will be available (PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One only) for download on the day of the game's release (Nov. 11). As for TT's upcoming title, Parsons couldn't -- or wouldn't -- say.

Until then, we'll just have to make do with saving the world from adorable LEGO-sized villains. To the Batmobile!

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