How the Majestic have fallen

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Jul 24, 2007

My friend Jim Oberg just sent along something of GREAT interest to the UFO community-- according to a new scientific test, the Majestic documents are frauds.

The Majestic documents contain thousands of supposedly classified papers by high government officials, including three presidents, and they appear to confirm the reality of the Roswell UFO crash among other high-visibility UFO cases. They were released about 20 years ago, and caused a huge stir among UFOlogists, as they call themselves.

Most people, me included, were skeptical.

If this new claim is true, it looks like we were right. Michael Heiser is a UFO researcher (full disclosure -- I have had tangential dealings with him before on the Planet X issue; he thinks Sitchin is a fraud, and I agree, but Dr. Heiser also thinks there is some validity to claims of alien abductions, whereas I think, ah, there is not). He hired a woman named Carol Chaski who has developed a semantic technique which she claims is able to tell if a document is fraudulent or not. It scans a document known to be by a particular author and builds a template based on word usage, grammar, etc. A second document can then be compared to the first to see if statistically it is reasonable written by the same author.

She did this for the Majestic docs, and found only one was possibly written by the claimed author. all the others failed.

Now I have no idea how valid this is; the announcement is on the PR Web site, where you can pay to put up a press release. I have no clue how valid the process is, or whether this is as untrustworthy as, say, a polygraph (which have been thoroughly debunked).

But it's certainly interesting, and I'll be curious to see how some of the more vocal and

financially-invested religiously fervent UFO proponents react.

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