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Tony Stark/Iron Man: He's got a wicked sense of humor, billions of dollars and the ability to make an awesome entrance. If he's around on April Fool's, well...let's just say if you hear an AC/DC song, run.

How much do you spend on being a geek? Take our survey!

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Jan 3, 2018, 7:41 PM EST (Updated)

We love being fans. Our love of pop culture is what unites us. But between conventions, comics, collectibles, and cinema, it costs a lot to be a geek!

Comic Con badges run north of $60 per day. Some collectibles run hundreds of dollars or more. Movie tickets are pricey — up to $20 for a seat in some cities. Specialized streaming platforms are popping up seemingly on a weekly basis. A lot of hobbies are expensive, but few encompass an entire lifestyle.

So we want to take the first accounting of what it costs to be a geek. Below you'll find a completely anonymous survey meant to help us crunch the numbers. Please take it (again, it's anonymous) and pass it on! (Oh, and if you don't see the survey below on your device, just click here to take it!)