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How Pacific Rim forced Bryan Singer to change the look of X-Men Days of Future Past

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Feb 21, 2014, 11:55 AM EST

It’s hard to believe that after all these years, no X-Men film has ever taken a real shot at the Sentinels -- until now, with Days of Future Past. But they’re going to look a little bit different, thanks to Guillermo del Toro.

In what we can only imagine is one of the coolest friendships ever, X-Men mastermind Bryan Singer and geek icon Guillermo del Toro are apparently pals. To that end, Singer got an early peek at del Toro’s Pacific Rim before everyone else, and it turned out the two had some similar ideas on how to design a robot. Too bad for Singer, del Toro beat him to the punch.

So, to avoid any potential accusations of ripping off the look of Pacific Rim’s giant ‘bots, Singer decided to make some changes to his plan in regard to the X-Men’s giant robot baddies the Sentinels. Here’s how he explained it to /Film:

“We tried to make the ones from 1973, the Sentinels of the past, a little fun and stylish but also a little retro. The key is they’re not made of metal. That’s very important to our story because we’ve got a very powerful mutant [who can manipulate metal]. So that was a challenge, to make them look like they could be made of polymer or some other material, plastic or something, but still have them be formidable when flying around and all that.

I had very strong feelings about all of the designs about the characters and very specific about what I was looking for, and [Legacy Digital] came with different ideas, different head ideas, different body ideas [for the Sentinels]. Originally it had this round thing and then a big fan [in the chest]. I’m friends with Guillermo, so he let me watch Pacific Rim a while ago so, unfortunately I had to say ‘It’s too much like those robots. I need something cruder, more seventies.’ So I had them put in the vent on the chest. I tell them bits and pieces of what I want, and the story behind the non-metal aspect of it and the internal aspect, then they bring stuff, different iterations. Eventually they come up with a great look.”

After getting a look at Singer’s final design, we kind of think the vent actually looks a bit closer to the classic comic style, which typically just featured a backlit chestplate. The giant fan worked on a Jaeger, but it might’ve come off a bit too busy on a Sentinel. What do you think? Could the Sentinel design use a dash of Pacific Rim?

(Via /Film)