How persistent Star Wars fans finally got Disney Stores to sell Princess Leia merch

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Jun 6, 2014, 2:39 PM EDT (Updated)

Disney got hold of the Star Wars license and, predictably, started selling merch at the Disney Store. Noticeably missing? Princess Leia.

Is this not weird to anyone else? Disney, whose biggest business is, ya know, princess $#@!, starts stocking all manner of Star Wars swag in their stores, but when they're asked, point blank, where the Leia costumes and toys are, they respond like this:

Forget the feminist implication -- this just represents a total lack of basic business acumen.

Thankfully, fans did Disney a big favor by starting a social media campaign, #WeWantLeia. And I say they did Disney a favor, because, frankly, you can get Leia figures elsewhere. It's just that people thought it was kind of weird (read: profoundly stupid) that Disney stores would be chock-full of Jedi business but not bother to hook up all the bad@$$ little-girl (and -boy, let's not go full-on gender binary here) princess cosplayers out there.

Fortunately for everyone, Disney has finally come to its senses. In an interview, Disney spokeswoman Margita Thompson announced: “We’re excited to be rolling out new products in the coming months, including several items that will feature Princess Leia, one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars galaxy.”

I, for one, am relieved. For Disney, that is. If there is one fictional sci-fi woman you don't want to mess with, it's ... well, it's Ellen Ripley. But if there are two fictional sci-fi women you don't want to mess with, they're, well, they're Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor.

But Princess Leia is totally the third on that list!

(via The Mary Sue)