How is Revolution's return a lot like Star Wars? Creator explains

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Mar 25, 2013, 12:30 PM EDT (Updated)

The back half of Revolution’s first season will feature some changes from the slower-paced opening chapter, and producer Eric Kripke says they’re even taking a few cues from the classic Star Wars films. Huh?

The first half of season one introduced viewers to the world of Revolution by kicking off a quest to rescue a missing boy, but Kripke promises the real fun starts today with the midseason premiere.

The board has been set for a war with Monroe’s forces, and Kripke says fans can expect a massive (and explosive) payoff that bears a lot in common with another beloved battle against a heavily favored “evil empire”:

He told Entertainment Weekly:

“In terms of plot, if the first half of the season was to find Danny, the second half of the season, this war really begins ... It’s about this rag-tag group of rebels up against the evil empire; it’s as fun as that.

It’s so big. It’s action on a level that I’ve truly never seen on network television before. This show is about the characters and it’s about the emotion, and we really keep it grounded, but man, we really blow some s–t up, too.”

Though the same production team is behind the second half of the season, it’s always tough when a show makes a course correction at its midway point. Fans tuned in and enjoyed the tone of the first half; will the new version maintain the same appeal?

Many promising shows (The Event, V, Flashforward) have tried to reinvent themselves midstream the past few years, with less-than-stellar results. So how do you think Revolution will do?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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