How a sci-fi movie broke the record for the most tweeted moment ever

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Aug 20, 2013

Japan really loves Studio Ghibli. Like, really, really loves them, apparently.

In the western world, we've grown increasingly aware of Hayao Miyizaki and his animation studio over the course of the last 15 years. But Studio Ghibli has held a firm place in the hearts of the people of Japan for much longer. It's that adoration which helped break the record for most tweeted moment of all time. 

In anticipation of an ordinary TV airing of the 1986 film Castle in the Sky, many people in Japan formulated a plan to tweet the word "Balse," which is said at an important moment in the film. As far as convincing a crowd of people to do something all at once, this is the largest case by far. At 143,199 tweets in a single second, the new record smashed the old one of 33,388.

If you're wondering what the fuss is about, we'd recommend watching Castle in the Sky. It's a bit of a Gulliver's Travel story, but with moss-encrusted robots and sky pirates. Definitely worth a watch. You might even tweet about it.

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