How Super Bowl blackout gave NBC's Revolution a marketing boost

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Feb 4, 2013, 4:17 PM EST (Updated)

When the lights went out at the start of the second half of the Super Bowl on Sunday night, Twitter went nuts with jokes and impromptu marketing campaigns. The biggest winner by far? NBC’s hit sci-fi series Revolution.

Yes, after an electrical issue paused the action for a little over half an hour for the lighting system to reset, Twitter feeds the world over filled up with wisecracks, many of which focused on J.J. Abrams’ series about a dangerous future world without electricity. Turns out the marketing team behind the show agreed with the fans that it'd make a good promo, and moved quickly to build some buzz for the back half of season one while everyone took to social media to snark about the delay.

Just a few minutes after the lights went out, the show’s official Twitter feed fired this off:

Then they got the art department in on the action, whipping up this little teaser featuring one of the mysterious devices capable of restoring power in the series:

The posts garnered hundreds of retweets, generating a little attention to keep the series in the public conciousness while we (not so) patiently wait for season one to resume on March 25. Gotta love the quick thinking to throw this together.

Will you be sticking with Revolution when it resumes next month?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)