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How they made that famous (and meme-tastic) exploding head scene from Scanners

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Jul 14, 2014, 1:13 PM EDT (Updated)

This Scanners clip is one of the most iconic scenes of 1980s sci-fi, and here’s how they made it ... in all its explode-y, disgustingly gory glory.

The head-exploding scene from David Cronenberg’s Scanners is one of the most disgustingly great scenes ever filmed, which is saying a lot considering they used only practical effects, and now the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray promo effort has released this insanely cool making-of clip.

Following the effects team’s efforts to make the head explode, it traces all the failed models until they finally found the successfully gross plan to build a gelatin, plaster and goop-filled model of Louie del Grande's head. They also had trouble getting the explosion just right, but that’s nothing a shotgun can’t fix. Kudos, effects team. Kudos.

Check out the clip above, and marvel at the hypnotically gooey animated gif below that the Internet just can’t seem to get enough of. I. Can’t. Look. Away.

(Via Sploid)

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