How Titans plans to separate itself from Marvel and other DC shows, and more from world premiere

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Oct 4, 2018, 4:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Titans is ready to take on the world. The upcoming series, based on the DC superhero team, is the first original offering from DC Universe, the comic giant's streaming service it launched last month.

Before Titans becomes available to subscribers on Oct. 12, a world premiere screening was held in New York City, where the cast and creators walked the red carpet and gave us a good idea of what fans can expect.

Geoff Johns, the series creator, told SYFY WIRE that their main goal was to have the show stand apart from the competition, which he admitted is particularly robust right now.

"You've got the Netflix/Marvel shows, which are really, really good, and the DC shows, which are also good in their own way. We wanted to do something different," says Johns. "[Titans] was darker, but it had a lot of superhero in it. We didn't want to squeeze the superhero out. Trying to find that balance is what we're all striving for."

Executive producer Akiva Goldsman echoed Johns' sentiment, explaining how they wanted Titans to keep one foot planted in reality. "We wanted a particular tone that would commensurate with the real world. Our show doesn't take place in an imagined city. It takes place in Detroit. This is our Earth. Slightly alternate, but our Earth — with reality-based life and death."

While Titans is aiming for a particular mix of world-weary grittiness and superpowered antics, its themes of loss, confusion, and trying to understand who you are allow the show to be a little more character-driven.

"It felt, to me, [like] a real honest, emotional story," said showrunner Greg Walker. "It had these multiple genres. Part Jason Bourne thriller, part Carrie-like dark horror movie, and it's got this noir involving Dick Grayson in a self-imposed exile from Bruce Wayne. How those stories come together is really exciting."

Brenton Thwaites, who plays Robin, said that the creators "wanted to bring a more intimate look at what Dick Grayson was doing when he left Batman." Thwaites, who previously addressed his infamous "F*** Batman" line back in September, said that meme-spawning scene is what embodies his character's particular story.

"Robin comes down to fight these bad guys who were selling drugs to teenagers, and the bad guys are more afraid of Batman being there than the reality of Robin," Thwaites explains. "He kicks their ass and says 'F**k batman,' as if 'I'm no longer with Batman. You have me to be scared of.'"

While Titans is clearly aiming to differentiate itself from the slew of superhero shows and movies out there, it was important to everyone involved that each character stayed true to their comic book counterparts.

Alan Ritchson, who plays the "unfiltered mess" that is Hawk, said the cast never lost sight of that fact, and would devour every possible iteration of their characters for the best possible portrayal on-screen. "The fans are amazingly dedicated to these characters, and you want to honor that."

Apparently the execs are happy with what they've seen, because Titans has already been given a Season 2 green light ahead of its Season 1 premiere, dropping exclusively on DC's streaming service, DC Universe, on Oct. 12.

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