How to cancel MoviePass: A helpful guide

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Aug 17, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

It's been a tumultuous year since MoviePass first announced its plan to let customers watch up to one movie a day in theaters for $9.95 per month.

Membership skyrocketed at first, prompting many to wonder how long things would last. It wasn't until earlier this summer that things started to go south. When summer movie season started cranking up, MoviePass had to fight off a near-constant threat of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, customers dealt with outages, surge pricing, and, eventually, a drastically scaled-back version of the service they once offered — for the same price.

This has prompted many MoviePass holders to cancel their subscriptions. Here's how.

The latest plan incarnate was detailed in an email from CEO Mitch Lowe this week. Users get three movies per month, as previously announced, but now each day will have a limited selection of the "up to six" movies available. Incidentally, the schedule the company posted online shows seven available movies. That doesn't guarantee all six movies are eligible in every market, either, even if the movie's playing in theaters. The ones that are available might have limited showtimes or theater options (or both).

For now, MoviePass has pivoted far away from the theater-gorging buffet it was a year ago. Now, based on the social media comments on literally anything MoviePass posts, people are walking away.

So, how does one go about canceling a MoviePass subscription? Turns out, it can be surprisingly easy.

On the MoviePass smartphone app, under "Account," choose "Plan & Billing." The first thing listed will be the plan you've subscribed to, with a conveniently red "Cancel" button just to the right. As expected, you have to pick a reason why you're canceling, which includes "Price," "Theater Selection," "Ease of use," and "Other." After you pick your reason, you get one last prompt to make sure, and that's it.


There's no option to cancel on the company's desktop site, or anywhere else, really. Everything about your MoviePass account has to be managed through the app.

Also, just under the space that allows you to type a 250-character comment is an important disclaimer: If you cancel MoviePass, you can't sign back up for nine months. There have been issues with MoviePass cancelations; last week, users began complaining that they were still receiving emails about their new subscription plans after they'd opted out of the service, though MoviePass made a statement explaining it was a bug.

It's worth noting that canceling MoviePass on your app is much easier than trying to contact customer service for help. The in-app chat support is limited to "those who are at a theater or trying to check-in to a movie," and the desktop site only has a list of FAQs. If you head over to the official MoviePass Twitter, it will redirect you to a support account, @MoviePass_CS, which has a website listed in its bio that lets you send an email from there.

However, and I say this from personal experience, none of these out-of-app options are terribly helpful. For the past couple of weeks, MoviePass would show a small selection of available films, but no theaters would have any screenings available. None. When I wrote asking about this, three days later I got a stock answer in my inbox about their plans to roll-out a new service.

If you do choose to walk away from MoviePass, know that other options exist. In addition to other stand-alone services like Sinemia, AMC is currently seeing a surge of sign-ups in recent weeks. Cinemark has also started its own in-house subscription service, and The Alamo Drafthouse is currently running a pilot program in Yonkers, New York, with a waitlist in other major markets.

So, canceling MoviePass means you can't sign back up for the period of human gestation, but the model has proven appealing enough to inspire several competitors to throw their hat in the ring.

Are you planning to stick it out with MoviePass or going to hit that "Cancel" button? Let us know in the comments.