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How to create a geeky wedding of your dreams [Ep #103]

Sep 30, 2019

Some people dream of a classic wedding in a big white church, with tuxedos and gowns and full royal gardens' worth of flowers arrangements.

And then there are people who read SYFY WIRE, who tend to picture something a little bit different for their big day.

If that sounds like you, forget typical wedding websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire and listen to this episode of The Fandom Files, in which we speak to Victoria, a wedding planner in Oklahoma City who specializes in planning unforgettable geek-centric wedding parties. As the founder of Simply Nerdy Events, she brings touches of Comic-Con to the nuptials, customizing parties for any and all niches of nerdery. She walks us through all the ways you can personalize and geekify your wedding day (especially when your significant other isn't so into it) and gives Jordan some ideas for his upcoming ceremony.

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