how to paint yoda

How to paint Jedi Master Yoda, watch you must

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May 5, 2017, 9:00 PM EDT

If you're a painter, you know how soothing and hypnotic it is to watch brush strokes take shape. That's particularly true when you're painting someone as Zen as Master Yoda -- one look at him, and our little green friend just inspires pondering, which painting actually affords one the luxury of doing. It's like time just stops, and you become transported to another world, like Dagobah, in this case.

As the video below proves, you don't even need to do the painting yourself to enjoy that hypnotic Force flowing through you, just watch artist Christian Waggoner of Atlanta, Georgia, who's been doing "reflection paintings" for years. Although after watching Waggoner live-paint Yoda and explain his process during last month's Star Wars Celebration, you may just be inspired to try painting the Jedi Master yourself. But we all know what Yoda would say to you about just trying, right?