How to turn a Barbie doll into a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:37 AM EDT (Updated)

You're a massive Doctor Who fan and have always wanted to have your very own Weeping Angel? Well, now you can—and here's how! (But please remember: Don't blink!)

Sarah Franz-Wichlacz decided to craft her very own Weeping Angel from a Barbie doll, and the results, just like bow ties, are cool.

The complete blow-by-blow on how to craft your own Weeping Angel can be found on her website, wich-crafting.

Let's just say that by using a Barbie doll, craft foam, hot glue, a simple gauze dress (for the doll, of course) and textured spray paint, the finished results are pretty great.

In order to tickle your curiosity, we wanted to show a couple of cool pictures from Sarah Franz-Wichlacz's awesome, awesome crafting project.

And again, remember: Don't blink!