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How tonight's Warehouse 13 turned into a Galaxy Quest mini-reunion

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May 13, 2013

Tonight's Warehouse 13 is going to be a little different than anything else you've seen on the show. Not only is the episode mostly in black and white, and set in the middle of a 1940s-style film-noir movie, but we'll get a mini-reunion of two of the stars of Galaxy Quest, said executive producer Jack Kenny.

The mini-reunion comes courtesy of Enrico Colantoni and Missi Pyle, who guest-star as a killer couple. In the Warehouse 13 episode, “The Big Snag,” Pete and Myka are pulled into a black-and-white 1940s crime thriller in a hunt for a deadly artifact that involves gangsters, molls and lots of snappy noir dialogue. Pyle and Colantoni play Lily Abbot and Anthony Bishop, a dangerous couple with a hidden agenda.

“They are magic together,” said Kenny. “There's a love story, and I think you know who it involves. My favorite part of the episode, aside from everything Enrico does, is Missi's singing. … It's really beautiful. It's so nice to see: The episode just stops, and Pete and Myka are dancing and Missi's singing and Enrico is over at the bar smoldering. What could be better?”

“I get to play Humphrey Bogart, kind of, sort of,” said Colantoni, who along with Kenny and Pyle, spoke to journalists on a conference call.

Pyle sings “After You've Gone” wearing high heels and a wig that makes her “about 18 inches taller than Enrico,” joked Kenny.

“A hundred feet tall, and it was so hard to get me in A frame,” said Pyle. “Rico's like, 'Gosh, you look glorious and ... I felt like the attack of the 50-foot person, but the hot version, and everyone was happy about it.”

“I loved you channeling Judy Holliday a little bit,” Colantoni told Pyle. “I think Missi and I could've gazed in each other's eyes for a whole hour and a half.”

“It was so fun,” she said. “Just the things we say to each other are so ridiculous, because the dialogue is so ridiculous you want to make a meal out of it.”

“The great thing that I noticed, with you guys working the noir dialogue, was you really sink your teeth into it, because it's not pedestrian. The words kind of are bitten off, and I love how you guys really bit into it,” said Kenny.

“A lot of noir, too, is so much of it played in the looks. We cut to somebody giving somebody the look of death, the look of fear, the look of so much in place. Dum, dum, dum ... when you see somebody's eyes and the murderer, [they'd] throw a strip of light across your eyes like Joan Crawford.”

It's a world and many years away from their characters, Mathesar and Laliari, the gentle aliens in Galaxy Quest.

“We talk about Galaxy Quest all the time. We even quoted it on our season premiere last year. Claudia quoted, 'Never give up, never surrender.' We're all huge Galaxy Quest fans, so when we had this little mini-reunion we were all just so excited. My gosh, oh my gosh. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have them show up in Thermian,” said Kenny.

And the black and white of it all is seeming a little familiar.

In Galaxy Quest, “we sort of have this black-and-white tinge to us, didn’t we, Missi? Black and white, sort of gray,” said Colantoni.

"The Thermians, when they caught the historical document, they were in black and white. When they actually created these alter -- what do you call them, alter egos? When we actually created them they were in gray, shaped in gray, because they saw the TV show in black and white,” said Pyle.

Warehouse 13 airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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