How Torchwood plans to gross us out by going all Walking Dead

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Dec 14, 2012

What do you get when you take Torchwood and use the premise that people. can't. bloody. die. as a main storyline? You may just get to see some pretty gruesome Walking Dead-style zombie-like scenes.

Right. So unless you've been living in a cave far away from TV and the Internet, you all know that's the main premise for the upcoming season four of Torchwood, aptly called Miracle Day.

So it goes without saying that we're of course hoping we'll get to see some gruesome non-death scenes. (After all, it's NOT Doctor Who, though "The Rebel Flesh" sent our gross-out factor through the roof this weekend. But we digress.) And you betcha we will! And one such scene was teased by Torchwood creator Russell T Davies, himself.

[*Spoilers ahead*]

"In episode one there's a soldier who's blown up, the body is in bits, stretched out across three tables, and he's still alive! And it's revolting and disgusting, and at the same time, it's kinda great — you've got all the thrill of a zombie movie, but they're not dead, y'know? The blessing of being a zombie is that you're kinda brainless and you just wanna eat brains. These people are still alive and you cannot kill them."

Gross. So we may get something a little bit like this ...

... okay, yes, not exactly like that, but the poor guy will probably be wishing he'd rather be a mindless zombie at that point.

So what do you think? Are Russell T Davies and the Torchwood writing crew pretty sick bastards? Are you gettting more excited about this? We know we are. Bring it on!

Torchwood: Miracle Day will premiere July 8, 2011, at 10 p.m. on Starz.

(via SFX)

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