How budget cuts will (really!) make Doctor Who even better

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Can less really be more when it comes to what we see on our TV screens? Steven Moffat, who's at work on the latest episodes of Doctor Who, must believe so, because he's suggested that the budget cuts the show is facing will make it even better, digitalspy is reporting.

"Budget cuts are tough," said Moffat. "I don't like them, but they force you to be creative. You've seen that trailer. Does it look like we've had a budget cut?"

Moffat recently told the Guardian that Doctor Who was "subject to efficiency savings like everyone else," but added "no one is going to say that it looks cheaper, because it doesn't."

Moffat even believes that one of the most important Doctor Who inventions would never have occurred had the show's creators not been trying to cut corners.

"What we think is what we need to achieve, and how we're to achieve it, given whatever financial circumstance we're in," he said. "A lot of the most iconic things about Doctor Who are a direct consequence of financial shortcomings. ... They said, 'We've got a police box from Dixon of Dock Green—let's make a box that's bigger on the inside,' and thus was born the single best idea in all of fiction."

How do you think the budget cuts will affect the new season of Doctor Who?

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