VIDEO: How Captain America: The First Avenger SHOULD have ended

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Dec 15, 2012

Captain America: The First Avenger earned reasonably good reviews for star Chris Evans' charm and its retro look. But at least one team of animators believes it could be improved with a simple tweak at the end.

How It Should Have Ended, who've been bringing you parodies of popular movies since 2005, have decided that a better ending for Captain America would contain a particular conversation between Cap and Peggy Carter. Let's just say that Parody Peggy is more quick-thinking than Movie Peggy.

As with their parody of Harry Potter, How It Should Have Ended brings us a stinger, a clip that begins only after the credits. This stinger is fabulous ... particularly if you like those other non-Avenger, DC Comics-based superheroes Superman and Batman.

(via GeeksAreSexy)