How Carrie Bradshaw killed Jason Voorhees

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

When news broke last week that the expected sequel to 2009's hit reboot of Friday the 13th was dead, the question was: Why?

Seems that the unkillable Jason Voorhees finally met his match: Carrie Bradshaw.

"It's just the simple fact that there are less slots [available for a film release]," producer Andrew Form said in an interview. "Each slot has inherent value. So if New Line or Paramount—and I'm not saying either/or; I don't know how it would be distributed—if they only have six slots each, they're going to go with something like maybe Sex and the City, which you know is going to make $300 million worldwide. Whereas in the best incarnation, Friday the 13th doesn't get to that kind of number."

That raises a tough question for Platinum Dunes—the production company of Form, his partner Brad Fuller and filmmaker Michael Bay—whose remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street opens Friday. If a successful Friday the 13th reboot can't get a sequel, does it even matter if Freddy Krueger kills at the box office?

"[They're] apples and oranges, because on Friday the 13th there's two studios, involved so the money gets split two ways," Fuller said.

Does that mean Freddy is safe, economically speaking? "On Nightmare, it's all Warner Brothers/New Line," Form said. We'll take that as a yes. For now.

As for Jason, Friday the 13th is as dead as a corpse at the bottom of Crystal Lake. "It's dead," Fuller said. "It's dead. They're not making it. The studios are not making the movie right now."

Too bad. The producers have a script for a 3-D resurrection of Jason ready to go, if Carrie and Samantha would just move out of the way. "We feel like we have a great screenplay for the sequel that was written for 3-D, which people are very excited about," Form said.

It's not about the script, though. It's those precious slots. "The studio likes the script too," Fuller said. "It's not even that."

For now, audiences may never get to see Jason's 3-D zip-line kill, as scripted by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon. "We have an awesome sequence with a girl on a zip-line who can't get out of the zip-line, and you know who's waiting at the bottom," Form said. It's a really fun screenplay. It's exactly what you want from a Friday movie, just really, really fun."

But don't count Jason out. He's survived two studios, two final chapters and one battle with Freddy Krueger himself. Sequel development can't be his final stop. "I don't think it's ever done for good," Form said. "I think that we want to make it badly. We know people at the studio love it, and maybe if Nightmare works, maybe that brings a little life back to Friday. Who knows? We can only hope."

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