How did those Battleship aliens find Earth? New footage explains

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Dec 16, 2012

As we can already tell from the explosively awesome trailer, the upcoming board-game-based Battleship involves an alien attack on the high seas. But a new featurette about the film explains how the aliens ran across Earth in the first place. Apparently it's all our fault.

According to some new snippets and the accompanying explanations by director Peter Berg, scientists send out a massive signal into deep space alerting potential life forms that a nice, comfy Goldilocks planet—not too hot and not too cold—is out to make friends.

Instead, we get a scout team for an invasion party.

"They've sent a recon group that has made contact with Earth and is taking core Earth samples, and they're seeing whether or not the geology of our planet is suitable to them," Berg says. "If it is, they're going to make a call back home and a lot more of them are going to come."

You've got to admit, this big-budget invasion flick actually looks pretty cool. Plus, after the John Carter debacle, Taylor Kitsch is in desperate need of a hit.

(via SFX)

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