How do you cook a unicorn? Chef Anthony Bourdain's got the recipe

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

Chef, author and Travel Channel host Anthony Bourdain has never been known for keeping quiet about anything, whether it's his opinion of other celebrity chefs or the respectability of various fast food franchises. But what happens when you ask Bourdain how to cook a creature of myth? Simple: He gives you a recipe.

Bourdain appeared at the Great GoogaMooga Festival in Brooklyn over the weekend for a lively Q&A session that covered everything from his loathing of the Olive Garden to his thoughts on whether he'd ever eat a human (he would, but only in a last-resort kind of context). Then something surprisingly adorable happened. A little girl asked Bourdain how he'd cook a unicorn.

OK, so maybe that's not adorable. Maybe it's weird and a little creepy that a kid wants to know how to serve up such a majestic (and fictional) creature. But either way, the question was put to Bourdain, and the ever-verbose chef had an answer. Turns out it's not just one recipe. You have to cook different parts of the animal in different ways.

"He would roast the loin, grill the legs, braise the forequarter and use the horn to pick your teeth with after the meal. For the record, unicorn marrow is delicious, he says."

Well, that seems simple enough. Now all we have to do is find enough of these things to start ranching them and Bourdain can open his very own Unicorn Grill to the masses. But what about other fantasy creatures? Can Bourdain come up with a recipe to make bridge trolls appetizing?

(Via Huffington Post)