How Emile Hirsch wants Hamlet to be a scary horror film

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Word has spread that Speed Racer's Emile Hirsch will join Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet, and now the star tells us that his brooding hero will be more Cobain than Dane, with ghosts.

"We want to make it like a horror, scary-movie Hamlet," Hirsch said. "Like a supernatural with like a mystical bent to it, set in college and following these cool characters. It's all in Shakespeare verse, so it's going to be kind of like the cool, darker answer to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. We're making Hamlet a musician, so it should be pretty cool."

Hirsch plans to take on the Bard after his turn in Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock. "Hopefully the final financing [will come together] on this Hamlet movie me and Catherine Hardwicke want to make with one another, this modern adaptation," he said.

Shakespeare's material has lent itself to myriad updates and new contexts, such as Luhrmann's Miami-set reinvention of Romeo, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes, and Richard Loncraine's World War II-tinged Richard III, starring Ian McKellen.

So why not a Twilight-infused Hamlet? Stay tuned ...