How Sorority Row's stars will deliver nudity with taste

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The makers of Sorority Row knew that nudity was a staple of the slasher movie genre. While the leads of the film did not wish to bare all, or even some, they still looked out for the fans. Leah Pipes plays Theta Pi queen bee Jessica, and she makes an underclassman drop her towel just to assert her own authority.

"I'm all for showing boobies to the audience," Pipes joked in an exclusive interview on Aug. 30 in Beverly Hills, Calif. "I didn't show my own because, honestly, they're AAs and people would leave the theater. So we had to hire other women with beautiful breasts, and I made them take their clothes off. For you, for all of you. So you're welcome."

For teenage boys growing up in the '80s, horror movies were the prime place to get a T&A fix. Sorority Row director Stewart Hendler wanted to pay homage to the tradition without exploiting his actors.

"Certainly, making an R-rated horror movie, you have that expectation," Hendler said in a separate group interview. "You want to deliver to your audience, hopefully do that in a way that's remotely tasteful and equal-opportunity. There are a lot of shirtless dudes running around. We try to give something for everyone."

Jamie Chung had two scenes that could have crossed the line. In a Jacuzzi scene, strategically placed bubbles hide her. And even if the wind blew the bubbles away, Chung was covered.

"I was not naked," Chung said in a separate group interview. "I was wearing a nude [body suit] underneath. My, my, the tricks we can do with movies."

In a shower scene, the camera films Chung from behind, and above the waist. She credited Hendler with respecting her boundaries. "They were very understanding," Chung continued. "The one thing that Stewart and the producers were fantastic about was 'If you're not comfortable with this, you don't have to do it.' If it's a little tease and I'm covered, it's fine. [My character] Claire is a little risqué."

So viewers to Sorority Row will be treated to background extras and bit players disrobing instead. However, Chung would not rule out nudity in the future. "There's always room for negotiation, but if it doesn't really help with my character and it's not really necessary, no, I'll pass," she said. "Or, like the scene from Monster's Ball or Monster that requires nudity but really, oh God, it's just open and raw and it's appropriate for that character and tells a story, then absolutely. But if it doesn't call for it ... "

Hendler's mission with Sorority Row was to have fun with the sorority culture and sorority movie genre. Even without nudity in some scenes, he played with popular images of sorority houses.

"We wanted to make sure that there was enough pillow fighting for people," Hendler said.

Sorority Row opens Sept. 11.