15 never-before-seen pics of Stan Winston creating the Alien Queen

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Dec 17, 2012

Want to see something really scary? Here's a cool collection of rare shots from the Stan Winston archives revealing the creepy puppets and designs created for Cameron's badass Alien Queen. Don't be squeamish. She won't bite ... much.

It's always cool to discover new images from the vaults of cinematic history, especially when it has to do with the Alien franchise. Here are a series of unseen photos released by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts depicting the laborious process behind spawning the Alien Queen for the silver screen. The pics show the complicated steps of sculpting, molding, casting and painting the giant polyfoam bitch bug and the radical idea of having two puppeteers inside the creature to bring her to life when cameras rolled.

See Stan and his '80s FX crew in serious action below, then head over to the Stan Winston website for more of mad mama's origin story.

(via Geek Tyrant)

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