How Star Wars would have been different if Uncle Owen had survived

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Dec 17, 2012

Who could forget seeing the smoking skeletons of Luke Skywalker's Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru next to their Tatooine home? It's an iconic Star Wars image, but it's also an important catalyst that helps get Luke off his desert home world to go save a princess and defeat the Empire.

In fact, if Luke's uncle hadn't died, things might have ended much differently for the Rebel Alliance.

The folks at Dorkly are responsible for some of the funniest fanboy creations on the 'net, and last Friday they turned their attention to a powerful hypothetical scenario: What if Uncle Owen had survived Star Wars?

The scene starts just the way you remember it, with Luke pulling up in his speeder to find smoke rising from his aunt and uncle's farm. He immediately assumes the worst, but then Uncle Owen appears at his side to explain that the stormtroopers came by, didn't find the droids they were looking for, and said they'd be back later. And the fire? Well, that's just a roasting dewback.

Of course, Uncle Owen's survival has far-reaching implications for the rest of the trilogy. He's free to continue his overbearing hold on Luke and keep him on the moisture farm for the foreseeable future, especially now that he's going to have to turn those droids over to the Empire. Of course, that doesn't stop the Rebellion's Death Star assault, but it does end a bit differently now ...

(Dorkly via Topless Robot)