How Supernatural's Web spinoff will take your pants off

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Remember that episode of Supernatural, "Ghostfacers," in which Sam and Dean ended up in a reality TV pilot for another group of ghost hunters? It kind of came true, because actors A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester reprise their roles of Ed and Harry in their own Web series, which will run online in three-minute segments, featuring a mean, scary ghost the boys have to face.

"Kelly Carlson from Nip/Tuck is our ghost," Buckley said in an exclusive interview last weekend in Los Angeles, where he and Wester attended the Streamy Awards. "The first ghost that the Ghostfacers face is Janet Meyers. She haunts a movie theater, the Grand Showcase. She's pretty vicious. She slashes people, she attacks people."

The GhostFacers take their work very seriously, but you should not. The spinoff is a comedy, but that also makes it disarmingly scary. "What I think we really hit on was we really bring you along and have you laughing, but then with the fright beats, there are some good scares in there," Buckley continued. "When you're laughing and your pants are down, we'll scare you. We'll get you."

Wester added, "Yeah, we're not going to scare you unless your pants are down."

That innuendo is an example of some of the things they can do online that they couldn't in prime time. "We can get a little more risque," Wester said. "We can use language that we can't use [on prime time]. We can be a little more free. That was a lot of fun when we were in production, because we do a lot of improv. We go off book a lot, and so it was just kind of fun knowing that we had that freedom and there wasn't anyone looking over our shoulder too hard."

Another subplot in the Ghostfacers series is the boys' obsession with a sexy new intern, Ambyr. "There's a nice twist to this intern again," Buckley said. "Seriously, the interns on our show get some good comedy in. Mircea Monroe, who plays the new intern, is hysterical."

Ghostfacers is essentially the episode of Supernatural that won't air on TV. "I think we lucked out in the sense of we kept what the original feel of the Ghostfacers episode was and we were able to carry that over," Buckley said. "I think the most interesting part and challenge for us was creating that within every three minutes and having a beginning, a middle and an end. For us as writers and acting, it definitely was a challenge at the beginning trying to figure out how do we keep the integrity of the show within the three minutes and still get the jokes, the laughs and the scares."

When every webisode has aired, you'll be able to watch them all and see one complete story. "We shot it all concurrently," Wester said. "So what we did during the creative process, we kind of mapped out the entire run of the show. We scripted it all out and then we just shot it, so we kind of shot it as though it was one episode of television."

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