How to build your cat a TARDIS fort

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Dec 15, 2012

Some cats have all the luck. They get to sleep most of the day and eat for free, all for the price of a few hugs. But this cat, Kaylee, is luckier than most. That's because her owner, Astromark, has built her a home in the style of Doctor Who's favorite method of transportation, the TARDIS.

Carpenter and Doctor Who fan Astromark posted his building process—as well as Kaylee enjoying the fruits of his labor—for the world to see on the TARDIS Builder's website. Because he built it for a kitty, the TARDIS is only half-height.

But what it lacks in height it makes up in style. With multiple levels and comfy-looking carpeting, it's a cat's dream home.

And with a bit more square footage, it would be our dream home, too.

Check out the photos in our gallery, below.

(via ForcesofGeek)

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