How to make a DIY Star Wars stormtrooper blaster—cheap!

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Dec 14, 2012

I've always wanted one of those awesome Star Wars stormtrooper blasters, yet have never shelled out for a high-end replica. Why? Because I'm CHEAP! Now, thanks to a kid's upcoming birthday party and lots of duct tape, I've learned how to make one myself.

Over at jroller, a parent on a tight budget explains how he made a blaster out of bottles, milk cartons and LOTS of duct tape.

Here's how it was done:

Items you will need

1 x Evian bottle (large 1.5L)
2 x Kitchen roll tube
1 x Buxton bottle (small)
1 x small plastic milk carton
1 x sheet of cardboard, about 2mm think for rolling and shaping
1 x roll of duct tape
1 x sharp knife and scissors

Time to make 30 mins

How I did it

1. Cut out the milk carton handle from the small bottle of milk - this will form the gun trigger
2. Insert the evian bottle through the hole in the milk carton, and poke through the opening of the milk bottle. duct tape together
3. Take up some cardboard and roll in into a rectangular block (10mmx30mm) about 60mm long. Tape this together firmly with duct tape. Make two of these, one should be 60mm long the other around 40 mm as these will be the handles of the blaster.
4. Cut an insert behind the "trigger" (milk handle) and insert one of the handles (the longer one) made in step 3 and duct tape together
5. Take the shorter handle and tape it using the duct tape to the side (see pictures)
6. Take a kitchen roll and insert it over the milk bottle opening - it should fit snugly. Duct tape securely
7. Take the buxton bottle, cut at the point where the bottle narrows, and then insert into the kitchen roll (step 7) and duct tape securely
8. Take another kitchen roll, cut down the middle and make into a smaller tube. cut slots in the bottom, fold up and then insert into the bottle top of the evian bottle. duct tape all together, and then make a hole in the bottle top - this makes the sights
9. Take a small piece of cardboard, make a rectangular shape and then duct tape to the top of the blaster, and then duct tape the sights made in 8 onto this cardboard and secure to the gun
10. liberally apply duct tape to the entire finished item to make it "solid"

Check out the ALMOST-finished product below, requiring only some black paint and a few details to complete.

Since all I'm looking for in a blaster is a decent likeness I can hold while running around the lawn making zap noises, I'll probably whip up one of these DIY models myself. How about you?